Dryfield isolation system

EZ DAM® is tongue retractor, cheek retractor, throat pack, bite block, and hi-volume suction – all in one. Use high volume suction and isolate the oral cavity to effectively reduce saliva droplets and aerosols. Composites, sealants and many other procedures require dry fields and obtaining them without rubber dam is not easy. EZ DAM® isolates the procedure area and offers a complete dry field.
20 minutes in-office whitening system

20 minute in-office effective and affordable whitening system. While patients appreciate an in-office quick solution to dental whitening, previous products have been quite expensive to acquire, and due to the time to set up, prepare and offer treatment, the overall patient cost has alienated many patients from seeking whitening in the dental office.
Professional light activated take-home whitening system

The new Brilliance Xpress light activated take-home professional whitening system - takes home whitening to new levels of simplicity for your staff, and your patients. A dual power Blue-Red whitening accelerator light optimizes the whitening process and rejuvenates cells to protect gums. Brilliance Xpress gel contains potassium nitrate as a desensitizer to eliminate patient sensitivities and provide a positive whitening experience for your patients.

Synca was one of the 1st companies to offer professional whitening to Canadian dentists. Our traditional Brilliance formula has now been updated with a higher strength formula and sensitivity-reducing additives for reduced wear times. Brilliance new formula is for fast-acting day wear, with treatment times as little as 30-45 minutes per day for up to 10 days.
Pain-free injections

Take the stress out of injections with Calaject! The traditional anesthetic syringe is an archaic device that has not evolved much in the last century. It delivers anesthetic but does nothing to help you control your injections. Calaject allows you to optimize your injection technique and provide the most comfortable injections consistently and with ease.
Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement

Reinforcing dental appliances can be a challenge for dental technicians. Metal reinforcements add weight and bulk, are usually un-aesthetic, and their efficacy is doubted by many. "Metal only holds the appliance together when it breaks" is a refrain heard from technicians everywhere. Using modern materials dental technicians can now offer their customers truly reinforced dental appliances.
Long-term fiber implant framework system

From the minds that brought you FiBER FORCE®, CST® (Cable Stayed Technology) represents the next major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures, popularized by solutions like the All-on-4™ implant system.
Temporary fiber implant framework system

CST® TEMP uses a simplified CST® technique and is designed specifically to reinforce provisional dentures for 4 to 6 months. CST® TEMP specifically strengthens the most fragile sections of the temporary denture – where the implant abutments are located. CST® fibers have shown to increase both fatigue and strength of denture acrylic.
Double taper post system

While many fiber posts simply mimic the shapes of popular metal posts, Biolight DUAL is designed to fully benefit from fiber technology. The larger coronal tapers dramatically improve adaptation throughout the length of the canal. The overall shape offers a superior adaptation to the canal, minimizes the removal of dentin, and keeps the resin cement layer (the weakest link) to an absolute minimum.
Multi-post system

Biolight® Drill-Free creates a new concept in post-endodontic crown restorations, using well-established principals from construction engineering. Instead of placing a large, traditional post in the center of the canal, multiple smaller and flexible post strands are spread throughout the canal space. The result is a core that is significantly more resistant to deformation before fracture than a no-post or central post restoration, a post that is ideal for all shapes of canals, and an elimination of all the decision and risks associated with drilling a post space.
Double taper post system

DT POST® are manufactured from advanced glass fibers in an Epoxy-free matrix and are the state-of-the-art solution for post and core. The modulus of elasticity closely resembles that of natural dentin, thus preventing the transmission of occlusal forces to the root. They combine the most anatomically adapted shapes with the most sophisticated material for excellent clinical results.
Single taper post system

The coronal portion of Biolight ST is parallel, while the apical portion is a taper design. This permits the clinician to choose a larger coronal diameter for increased strength, while the conservative taper portion minimizes the amount of dentin reduction.
Dental glass fiber splinting

The innovation with the Fast Splint Matrix® technique is the use of an index or matrix that simplifies and speeds up the placement of the fibers and compresses the fibers evenly and intimately to the tooth surfaces, thereby improving overall bonding effectiveness and the durability of the splint, retainer, or space maintainer.
Self-etching dual cure adhesive

Synca Biolight® STiK! DC is ideal for any dental applications that can benefit from a dual cure system, such as bonding of fiber posts in a canal, where intense light is not available. It is a perfect partner for Biolight® CORE DC, offering practitioners an easy and reliable system for state-of-the-art post and core buildup.
Single bottle self-etch adhesive

For use with any direct composite material, STiK!® SE 1 offers a fast, easy application, protection against sensitivity, with strong bonds to dentin and enamel. It is value priced with special incentives available year-round.
Zero postoperative sensitivity

Self-Etch adhesive system for ALL direct and indirect restorations. Made in Germany quality, no postoperative sensitivity and excellent bond strengths to dentin and enamel.
SUPER hydrophilic formula

NEW SuperFiT® from Synca is the logical upgrade from our current FiT® impression material line. While maintaining the same direct-to-you low pricing. SuperFiT!® presents significant clinical advantages without changing anything in your clinical procedure. New formula improvements offer 3 market leading benefits: SUPER high tear strength, SUPER hydrophilic and SUPER snap set.
Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-up and Post Cement

Synca Biolight® CORE DC is a dual cure flowable composite material that is indicated for bonding of fiber posts and for core build-up. It is an ideal consistency for ensuring bubble-free cementation of Biolight® DRILL-FREE multi-posts and offers excellent physical properties as a core build-up material.