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Magnification: 2.8x, 3.3x, 3.8x

ExamVision HD Galilean is our flagship product that is handcrafted to your specifications using the highest quality components available. It is designed to offer outstanding image clarity and brightness, along with maximum field depth and width.


Magnification: 3.5x, 4.6x, 5.7x

The award-winning, compact design gives the precision of the ExamVision Kepler Kompakt system combined with comfort. Try Kepler Kompakt if you require high magnification from your loupe. Three magnifications (3.5x, 4.6x, 5.7x), and the Power-Up system mean your investment is safe if you need to upgrade in a couple of years.


Magnification: 4.0x

Kepler Reflekt is the first reflective ergo loupe by ExamVision. The slim black loupe housing is made from durable yet lightweight magnesium and titanium. The Kepler Reflekt offers you unobstructed view, no need to remove the loupes to perform other tasks.


4 in 1 Magnification

Feel mastery, wear power. Get the perfect magnification level for all your procedures with only one loupe. The world´s lightest adjustable loupe and the only loupe with 4 magnifications, for unrivalled versatility.


Magnification: 2.5x, 3.0x

The Essential METRO 2.5x or 3.0x magnification offers a great price point for hygienists seeking a quality loupe with a full-arch width-of-field. Obtain almost 50% more visual acuity with the 3.0x Essential METRO loupe than with 2.5x magnification.

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Technical information

The most frequent reason for dentists and dental hygienists leaving their job prematurely is pain and injury caused by a bad working environment.

Magnification is the solution, however wrongly measured and built loupes can to more damage than good. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way. Ergonomic eye loupes for dentists, surgeons, hygienists and others will help you achieve a better posture. Adding magnification to your work routine will allow you to perform professionally without compromising on your own body and work environment.

Synca eye professionals are trained to help you determine all aspects of your professional requirements. This includes your working distance and position, your height and, of course, your unique optical needs. During our visit to your office, we will also offer ergonomic advice to help you work in a way that promotes physical well being and good posture.

While most other loupes are manufactured to fit you into their pre-set working distance ranges, ExamVision loupes are made with a custom sweet spot working distance. This centers the depth-of-field to your optimal working distance, which plays an important role in keeping your body in a proper ergo-nomic position while performing different procedures.


Working distance at 40cm

Brand X offers depth-of-field of 40cm to 47cm


Working distance at 40cm

ExamVision provides a truly custom balanced depth-of-field


This slim memory foam dental headrest with ICORE Support Technology is ideal for dual-articulating dental chairs. It is only 3.5 inches thick, enables proper head positioning for enhanced patient comfort, and allows dentists to remain in a balanced upright position. The headrest includes 2 interchangeable support rods that adjust the neck area based on your dental chair unit and its adjustability. The ICORE headrest includes an anti-microbial cover and has an adjustable heavy-duty strap to anchor it to your dental chair.

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