ExamVision HD Galilean loupes are the most comfortable loupes you will ever wear – all day, every day and recommended for first-time loupe users. Custom-made to suit not only your eyesight, but the way you work. HD Galilean optical loupes are highly compact and lightweight, ensuring a wide field of view and good depth of field – which allows you freedom of movement, creating less tension in the neck and back. Our customers tell us that they love the clarity of the image and the freedom of movement they maintain. Most of all, they feel their ExamVision HD Galilean loupes improve the quality of their work, resulting in better treatment results and happier patients.

With its ultra light weight and 3 available magnifications, HD Galilean is the perfect loupe for all surgical and medical procedures. Designed and manufactured by optometrists, made to measure in Denmark, and fitted by optical professionals.


3 colors available for HD oculars

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