ExamVision Protection Visors

The Visionshield from ExamVision are made from a non-splintering, flexible plastic film which can be easily cleaned, disinfected and reused. The full-face visors are easily attached to and fits on any ExamVision loupes (or any other loupes) as part of your new work routine.
The Better Dryfield Isolation System

  • Use high volume suction and isolate the oral cavity to effectively reduce saliva droplets and aerosols
  • Replaces saliva ejectors for hygienists and dentists
  • Replaces rubber dam for a multitude of procedures
  • Can be use with existing high volume suction simultaneously or alone
  • Design with 8 channels and 32 lateral suction orifices
  • Made in Canada
Synca Gowns
Protective Gowns

Reusable isolation gowns offer level 1 protective properties, and reduce both waste and total cost. They are made with liquid resistant, poly fabrics which provides maximum comfort and protection. This lightweight fabric offers healthcare professionals dependable liquid-resistant protection.