BTI® Extraction System Safe & Simple

THE ONLY SYSTEM on the market that guarantees atraumatic extraction of internal and external connection implants

KEXIM - Extractor Kit

Five exclusive extractors indicated for the extraction of osseointegrated implants when they are no longer functional or are unnecessary in a new prosthetic situation.

KEXIM 2 - Extractor kit

Consist of one drill and two extractors, specially designed for the extraction of implants with a very deep connection.
kexim kit

Trephine Drill Kit

An atraumatic trephine drill kit for an ultrafine cut to release the area with maximum osseointegration, preserving the surrounding bone, only drilling the first 3 millimetres.

Cylindrical and hollow drills to cut the bone surrounding the implant. They are delivered in different diameters, depending on the width of the implants: (Internal) 3.2mm, 3.7mm, 4.3mm, 4.7mm, 5.1mm, 5.7mm.


They allow an ultrafine cut along the first millimetres because they are narrower at that level, preserving the surrounding bone. This is particularly important in the case of resorbed maxilla.
trephine kit

Easy and Precise Procedure*
*Step by step extraction guide & compatibility study report available upon request.


kexim procedure

Choose the appropriate implant extractor.


kexim procedure

Manually insert the extractor in the implant thread, using the handle-adapter, ensuring it fits in an anti-clockwise direction.


kexim procedure

Connect the counter-torque wrench and turn it anti-clockwise.


kexim procedure

Apply torque gently in an anti-clockwise direction untlil the implant is fully extracted.
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