Synca offers a host of student/resident programs to meet all situations in Canadian universities and teaching institutions.

Student/Resident Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed loupes
  • Discounted pricing – up to 3 months after graduation
  • 10 month interest free payment plans
  • Free adjustments
  • 1 free working distance adjustment
  • Unlimited 1-800 Canadian loupe service
  • Canadian based service center
  • 45 day risk free satisfaction trial
  • 5 year warranty on loupes (up to 3 year on lights)
  • No taxes on prescription loupe orders (conditions apply)

Custom design and ergonomics

The Synca magnification specialist that will meet with you is either an optician, or has extensive training and experience in custom loupe adaptation. All Synca magnification specialists have certificates in ergonomics training and consider many of ergonomic factors that go into the custom fabrication of your loupes. In addition, all ExamVision loupes are manufactured specifically to create a depth-of-field center that is unique to you, optimizing your freedom of movement.

Loupe Buying Guide

Magnification loupes and lighting improve your visual acuity, enhance your diagnostic abilities, overall performance and the quality of your work. If you choose the correct products, and they are measured and made to ergonomic standards, they will also contribute to your long-term musculoskeletal health.

If you read through the "Loupe Buying Guide", you will be able to assess your most important criteria in loupe and light selection. You will be able to tell if your representative is addressing the factors that have to be considered during the selection and ordering process.

School program

Synca can set up an individual program for institutions where magnification is compulsory. This includes special pricing program for the institution as well as on-site support for planning needs. We also meet both teachers to discuss best options and follow up with individual student fitting sessions and further service needs.

Student associations or buying groups

Synca can work with student associations to offer presentations on the topic of magnification, ergonomics and line-of-site lighting systems. Learn the differences between difference kinds of magnification, different products and how to choose what is best for you. Synca offers special pricing to full-time students while they are attending a recognized teaching institution.

Individual program

In some institutions, students are set up with flip-up magnification as “beginner loupes”. Synca offers these students the possibility of upgrading to ExamVision custom-fit loupes and lighting systems at student pricing, prior to graduation.
45 days trial 5 years warranty

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