Hydrophilic impression material and unique viscosities

Correct Plus Hydrophilic Impression Material is a versatile impression material designed to accommodate all impression techniques. A low contact angle of ˜30° guarantees outstanding detail in the presence of fluids. Exceptional tear strength ensures your detailed impression will remain intact upon removal. With a working time of 1 minute and 30 seconds and an oral setting time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, Correct Plus Material is the ideal material for full arch impressions or any situation where a longer set time is desired. Correct Plus Material is available in 50ml auto-mix cartridges, 380ml Mighty Mix™ cartridges for use in automated mixing machines, and 460ml sets of hand mixed putty. Correct Plus Impression Material provides multiple packaging options to satisfy all of your impression needs.

Correct Plus™ really does it all:

It stacks!

The Thick’n Thin® Light Body stacks on the tooth like a medium body.

It flows!

The Thick’n Thin® melts after a few seconds to flow deep into sub-gingival areas, just like a light body.

It drives!

The Correct Plus™ Putty has a superior viscosity, so it can push the wash material deeper into the sulcus.

Correct Plus™ Fast Set

Formulated to set in the mouth in 2 minutes, Correct Plus Fast Set Impression Material is the perfect choice for exceptionally fast and accurate impressions of 1 – 3 units. Formulated with a unique nano-filler, Correct Plus Fast Set Impression Material yields a tear strength that is 11% higher than standard Correct Plus Impression Material. This new formulation improves upon the already impressive physical properties of standard Correct Plus Impression Material further minimizing the chance of tearing and ensuring that impressions are dimensionally stable pour after pour. A low contact angle of ≈30º minimizes the occurrence of voids and ensures accuracy, especially in a wet environment. Correct Plus Fast Set Impression Material is available in our three most popular viscosities, Thick n’ Thin Light Body, Universal™ Body, and Auto-Mix Putty, to accurately support three-in-one tray, stock tray, and custom tray impression techniques.

correct plus fast set

Correct Plus and Correct Plus Fast Set offer the right viscosity for any technique

To compare all the viscosities of the Correct Plus familly:

Product benefits

  • 30% - 50% savings over other major brands
  • Low contact angle of ˜ 30° for accurate, reliable impressions in the oral environment
  • Choice of 50ml auto-mix cartridges, 380ml Mighty Mix Cartridges, and 460ml sets of hand mixed putty
  • Working time of 1 minute 30 seconds, and a remove from mouth time of 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Outstanding physical properties provide a high tear strength and end hardness
  • Unique viscosities such as Thick’ n Thin® Thixotropic Light Body and Auto-Mix Putty

correct plus

Correct Plus™ FAQ:

Q. How long must I wait until I can pour my models?

A. You can start pouring the models after 60 minutes.

Q. How is Correct Plus™ available?

A. The Correct Plus™ is available in automix cartridges in the following viscosities: Light, Thick’ n Thin® (light thixotropic), Universal (medium), Tray, Bite, Bite Superfast and Putty. The putty comes in jars or in cartridges.

Q. Do you have a monophase?

A. Used by itself, the Correct Plus™ Universal produces a highly detailed, extremely accurate monophase impression.

Q. How is the Thick’ n Thin® different from the other viscosities?

A. The Thick’ n Thin® will stack on the tooth like a medium body, then it will "melt" to infiltrate the sulcus and provide a maximum level of detail.

Q. Can I use Correct Plus™ with my actual impression material?

A. Correct Plus™ is a polyvinyl siloxane and it is compatible with any other polyvinyl siloxane.

Correct Plus accessories

  • Mixing Tips - Green (100 pk)
  • Mixing Tips - Purple (100 pk)
  • Mixing Tips - Pink (100 pk)
  • Intra-oral Tips - used with Pink Tips (100 pk)
  • Dispenser Gun - 50 ml 1:1 Auto-mix Cartridge
  • Mixing Pads (6 pk)
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