Calaject Young Patient Marketing Program

"Hi! It’s me – Calaject. I am a little computer box that helps in the dentist’s office. I place little drops of liquid in young mouths, so that treatments don’t hurt any more. Once you start using me, here are some things that you can do to help your young patients find out more about me. I’m happy to make dental treatment experiences more fun!"

Your Calaject young patient marketing program is FREE with purchase of Calaject and additional supplies are available at low cost via our shopping cart or by calling us at 1-800-667-9622 ext 1.
calaject cartoon

Cartoon and Activity Book

calaject cartoon "Give this little booklet out to your young patients that will receive treatments and it entices them to find out more about me."

With your purchase of a Calaject:

You receive 50 – Calaject cartoon activity books

calaject activity book

Operatory Wall Poster (26 x 38")

calaject cartoon "Keeps young patients minds busy with a focus on me instead of the treatment."

With your purchase of a Calaject:

You receive 2 – Calaject operatory wall posters

calaject poster

Operatory Door Stickers

calaject cartoon "Place one on the door of the room where your young patients will be treated and they will be looking for me when they enter."

With your purchase of a Calaject:

You receive 4 – Calaject operatory door stickers

calaject door stickers

Bravery Medals Stickers

calaject cartoon "Once your young patient is finished, offer a choice of bravery medals: fireman, superhero, or fairy. This is good for anxious patients of all ages."

With your purchase of a Calaject:

You receive 36 – Calaject bravery medals of each characters

calaject medals
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