Fiber-Reinforced automix core build-up system

Clinically proven, Build-It!® F.R. is now available in a very convenient Mini-Mix syringe. Now you can auto-mix without a gun. Get easier access to the preparation, better visibility and less waste.

Build-It!® F.R. is an ideal fiber-reinforced, dual cure resin core build up material conveniently delivered in a 25ml automix cartridge. Several innovations make Build-It!® F.R.: BETTER - FASTER - LESS EXPENSIVE.


The addition of specially treated glass fibers (the same ones used in our Alert® condensable composite) increases the compressive strength of the core build up by more than 10% (249 MPa to 280 MPa*).

Build-It!® F.R. Core Material contains all of the features of an ideal core build up material - it cuts like dentin, it contains fluoride, it is available in a universal tooth color (approx. A2) and it is radiopaque for easy detection of marginal areas on x-rays.

Build-It!® F.R. Fiber Reinforced Core Material can be used under all-ceramic or all-composite restorations, or it may be used as a base restorative material in class 2 esthetic restorations using the directed shrinkage technique.

Build-It!® F.R. is available in four shades: dual cure A2, Opaceous White, self-cure Gold or Blue.


Build-It!® F.R. is an automix system, just like impression material cartridges. Using the intra-oral tips, you can inject right into the preparation or into the Core-Forms. Core build-up has never been this easy.


With Build-It!® F.R., you don’t pay extra for the convenience – in fact, Build-It!® F.R. can cost up to 5 times less than comparative core materials. Also, the cartridge delivery system ensures that you mix exactly what you need – with only a small amount of waste in the mixing tip.

Build-It!® F.R.

  • Is reinforced with special glass fibers for increased compressive strength
  • Features an auto-mix cartridge delivery system for greater convenience
  • Is both syringeable and stackable
  • Is dual-cure (light-cure or self-cure) to suit treatment modalities
  • Is fluoride-containing
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Is radiopaque for easy detection of marginal areas on X-rays
  • Cures hard without a thick residual monomer layer
  • Cost a fraction of the price of competitive brands
  • Is available in a universal tooth color (approx. A2), which simulates natural dentition, perfect under cosmetic restorative materials and for filling missing tooth areas.

Physical Properties:

Resin Matrix: Mixture of Bis-GMA,
Filler type: Mixture of BariumBorosilicate, Calcium Alumino-fluro-silicate, silica and chopped glass fiber.
Filler percentage by weight: about 68%
Filler percentage by volume: about 52%
Flexural strength (MPa): 120 (8)
Flexural Modulus (GPa): 15.5 (1.5)
Compressive strength (MPa): 280 (47)
Water sorption (mg/mm/wk): 12
Barcol hardness (3mm, top and bottom, 10 minutes after Setting): >90
Working Time: 2.0 - 2.5 minutes
Setting time: 3.5 - 4.0 minutes

Build-It!® F.R. FAQ:

Q. Is Build-It FR Fiber Reinforced Core Build-up Material dual cure?

A. Shades A2, A3, and Opaque White are dual cure materials. The Gold and Blue shades are self cure only due to the opacity of the material.

Q. Which dispenser gun do I use with the Build-It FR 25ml cartridge?

A. The DS24 1:1/2:1 is the only dispenser gun that will accept the 25ml cartridge. Build-It FR core material is also available in Mini-Mix™ auto-mix syringes which do not require a dispensing gun.

Q. Which bonding agents are compatible with Build-It FR Core Material?

A. Bond-It® Enamel/Dentin Bonding System, Bond-1® Primer/Adhesive, and the Nano-Bond® Self Etch Bonding System are all compatible with Build-ItFR Core Material. You may also use any bonding agent that is compatible with dual or self cure resin materials.

Q. What are the working and setting times of Build-It FR Core Material?

A. Build-It FR core material has a working time of 1.5 minutes and a setting time of 2.5 minutes.

Q. Can I use Build-It FR Core Material as a post cement with fiber posts?

A. Yes. Build-It FR Core Build-up Material can be used as a post cement and you can continue to complete your core build up with the same material. This will save you time and money on your procedure.

Q. Does Build-It FR Core Material contain fluoride?

A. Yes.

Q. How should I store Build-It FR Core Material?

A. Build-It FR requires refrigeration at 36°-55° F (2°-13° C) when stored. For best results, use the material at room temperature. It is not necessary to refrigerate Build-It FR Core Material between patients.

Build-It! F.R. cartridge:

build-it f.r. cartridge

1 - 25ml cartridge
Dual Cure: A2, A3, Opaceous White
Self Cure: Blue, Gold


  • Intra-oral Tips - Yellow (48 pk)
  • Mixing Tips - Wastesaver Blue (48 pk)
  • Dispenser Gun - 25ml 1:1, 2:1 Cartridge

Build-It! F.R. MiniMix:

build-it f.r. minimix

4 - 4ml automix syringes of one shade
Dual Cure: A2, A3, Opaceous White
Self Cure: Blue, Gold


  • Mixing & Intra-oral Tips - Core Material (48 pk)
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