Professional LIGHT ACTIVATED take-home whitening system

  • No impressions, models or trays needed
  • LED activated gel with only 20 min wear time
  • Contains additives for low sensitivity
  • Easy, convenient, and profitable!

The new Brilliance Xpress light activated take-home professional whitening system - takes home whitening to new levels of simplicity for your staff, and your patients. A dual power Blue-Red whitening accelerator light optimizes the whitening process and rejuvenates cells to protect gums. Brilliance Xpress gel contains potassium nitrate as a desensitizer to eliminate patient sensitivities and provide a positive whitening experience for your patients.

More than a whitening system, it's a practice builder

You will appreciate the consistent and reliable results you will get with the Brilliance Xpress whitening system. Synca introduced one of the 1st whitening systems to Canada as a result of a 2 year clinical study with University of Montreal. The new Brilliance Xpress formula now offers even faster whitening results and contains additives for sensitivity reduction.

Introducing and maintaining an active whitening program in a dental practice has shown to increase demand for overall esthetic dentistry treatments as well as for all dental treatments. The low cost of the Brilliance Xpress system can allow practices to offer competitive prices to keep whitening in the dental practice, resulting in increased profitably in both direct and indirect treatments.
brilliance xpress lamp
brilliance xpress lamp

Professional presentation for your patients

brilliance xpress box close
brilliance xpress box open

Easy procedure - ONLY 20 minute treatment!

brilliance xpress step1

Insert the battery inside the Brilliance Xpress lamp.
brilliance xpress step2

Connect the whitening tray to the LED Light by inserting one edge of the light into the tray and pull the other edge over.

brilliance xpress step3

Dispense Brilliance Xpress Gel* in a thin layer along the middle of the front edges of the tray (do this for both arches).

*The Brilliance Xpress gel is transparent, the gel is blue on the photograph for indication purpose only.
brilliance xpress step4

Evenly spread the gel in the tray by moving the LED light sligthly from left to right.

brilliance xpress step5

Activate the Brilliance Xpress light for 20 minutes.
brilliance xpress step6

Remove the tray, rinse your mouth with warm water, and brush your teeth gently to remove any excess Gel.

Whitening solutions from Synca

Professional whitening techniques available to dentists and to the public are changing. We can work with you to design and offer the whitening program that best meets the needs of your practice. Whitening is often the starting point of more comprehensive treatment plans, and is the single most requested esthetic treatment. Depending upon your preferences, staff and operatory availability, we can help you offer more successful, highly competitive solutions for in-office, at-home or combination treatment options.
brilliance 20 20 min. in-office whitening system
brilliance xpress Professional light activated take-home whitening system
brilliance Professional take-home whitening system
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