Biolight ST Posts

Biolight ST is designed to offer the highest quality of design and materials, but with the realization of additional cost savings. Biolight ST uses a material that is not quite as radiopaque as Biolight DUAL, but will still matches or surpasses other brands of high-radiopacity fiber posts. In addition, Biolight ST drills and posts are of a simpler taper design, which is still chosen by many clinicians, but is easier to manufacture.

Anatomical parallel-taper design

The coronal portion of Biolight ST is parallel, while the apical portion is a taper design. This permits the clinician to choose a larger coronal diameter for increased strength, while the conservative taper portion minimizes the amount of dentin reduction.

Superior Physical Properties

The materials used to make Biolight ST posts excel in independent studies and evaluations.

1. Superior Shear Modulus

A recent independent university study comparing the shear modulus of various fiber posts produced these results:

Force required to BREAK post (MPa)


ParaPost® Taper Lux: 86.12 MPa
FRC Postec® Plus: 90 MPa
RelyX™ Fiber Post: 85.94 MPa

3. Epoxy and BisGMA-FREE

All Biolight products are manufactured without the use of either Epoxy or bisGMA resins.

2. Superior Radiopacity

In the same independent evaluation, the Biolight material against exhibited superior radiopacity to all competitive fiber posts tested:

Radiopacity of fiber posts


FRC Postec® Plus: 106.67
RelyX™ Fiber Post: 88.04
ParaPost® Taper Lux: 64.67

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