Protect Yourself and your Staff with the Visionshield visors

The Visionshield visors from ExamVision are made from a non-splintering, flexible plastic film which can be easily cleaned, disinfected and reused. The visors are easily attached to and fits on any ExamVision loupes (or any other loupes) as part of your new work routine.

  • A uniquely designed face shield that attaches to your glasses without a headband
  • Fits most glasses and loupes with LED lights
  • Connects by universal velcro sticker
  • Connects by custom ExamVision adaptors (not included and for ExamVision loupes only)
  • Easy, lightweight, and simple to use and reuse

Available in a package of 10 visors

visionshield max visor

Visionshield L & XL

visionshield visor

visionshield visor

  • Fits only Galilean loupes
  • L: 254mm x 165mm (W x H)
  • XL: 314mm x 165mm (W x H)

Visionshield MAX (XXL)

visionshield max visor

visionshield max visor

  • Fits any type of loupes
  • XXL: 338mm x 260mm (W x H)


Custom ExamVision Adaptors

Available for ExamVision loupes only (additional cost)
visionshield max velcro
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