Proven Technology with Zero Postoperative Sensitivity

Self-Etch adhesive system for ALL direct and indirect restorations


  • Made in Germany quality
  • No postoperative sensitivity
  • Excellent bond strengths to dentin and enamel
  • Proven two bottle mix-and-apply system for optimal consistency in bonding results
  • Use as a "Light-Cure" self-etch adhesive for all direct composite restorations
  • Used as a "Dual-Cure" self-etch adhesive for crowns, bridges, posts, etc.
  • Everyday low Synca price
self-etch bonding

Bond strength comparison*

Product Enamel Dentin
STiK!® SE (Synca) 24 23
Clearfil DC Bond® (Kuraway) 20.4 20
Futura Bond® (Voco) 15.8 19.2
Optibond Solo Plus® (Kerr) 3.5 14.7
AdheSE® (Ivoclar Vivadent) 13 14

*internal data; bond strengths to bovine dentin

Compare and save:

Product Cost Cost / ml
STiK!® SE (Synca) $155 $15.50*
Clearfil DC Bond® (Kuraway) $229 $28.63
Futura Bond® (Voco) $168 $21.00
Optibond Solo Plus® (Kerr) $165 $33.00
Ace® (Bisco) $190 $23.75

*or less
Based on prices in current canadian web sites
biolight stik dc Self-etching dual cure adhesive
stik se 1 Single bottle self-etch adhesive
ena bond Can be Use as a 5th or 4th gen. bonding
bond-1 5th generation single bottle bonding