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Reviews on Penguin

The Penguin is a precise tool that has quickly become indispensable in my implant practice. It allows me to verify osteointegration at 4 months from placement, with comparative stability values from baseline, and to delay load bearing function if the readouts are insufficient. The Penguin is easy to use and precise, gives me complete satisfaction, and it has brought me to occasionally modify my procedures with the goal of increasing the probability of favorable outcomes.

Dr. Pierre Verpeaux, Limoges, France
hi-tec Innovative dental implants and prosthetic
endoret Regenerative medecine
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system
fiber force Long term framework for implant overdentures
implantmed Implantology Surgical Device
implantmed classic Implantology Surgical Device
penguin Implant Stability Measurement Device
raptos A Natural Scaffold for Bone Regeneration
c-graft putty Demineralized Bone Grafting with CMC
c-blast putty Demineralized Bone Grafting with CMC and Cancellous Bone
eclipse Synthetic Resorbable Bone Substitute
neomem Resorbable Bovine Collagen Membrane
neomem flexplus Resorbable Porcine Collagen Membrane
neoderm Acellular Human Dermis
neoplug neocote neotape Resorbable Collagen Wound Dressings