As a dental hygienist, a typical day of diagnosing, counseling, and providing the repetitive dental treatments needed towards improving the oral health of patients can potentially lead to exhaustion and postural pain due to poor ergonomics.

The most frequently reported work-related medical issues are back/neck injuries (42%), and 75% of these cases have affected the respondent’s ability to work*.

In 2012 Synca invested in becoming certified in dental ergonomics under a renown ergonomist out of the Netherlands. The Netherlands have been at the forefront of ergonomic research in dentistry since the 1960’s.

This ergonomic knowledge has allowed Synca to provide ergonomic training and products to dental professionals in the North American market for the past 10 years. Improving Ergonomic posture involves proper chairs, properly made loupes, as well as isolations systems and patient positioning.
Synca has helped Hygienists learn proper working positions minimizing loads on the body and reducing long-term physical ailments. You can find many testimonials on our website.

We collaborate with several of the hygiene schools and colleges across Canada providing presentations on ergonomics in general as well as ergonomic loupes and chairs.

We have also affiliated with the leading hygiene associations and provide special discounts and payment terms allowing more hygienists to invest in SYNCA products that directly improve their work posture and quality of life.

It is SYNCA’s mission to empower dental hygienists with the latest ergonomic and visual technologies so they may have a long, healthy pain-free career.

*CDHA – 2017 Executive Summary/ Job Market Employment Survey
examvision Magnification loupes & lights

The Hi-Res Essential lens system offers our largest field-of-view and largest depth-of-field. It is ideal for hygienists that require full mouth views in different working positions. The Essential loupe is a Galilean multi-lens magnification system with high quality German optics.

ExamVision HD 2.8x is ExamVision flagship product that is handcrafted to your specifications using the highest quality components available. It is designed to offer outstanding image clarity and brightness, along with maximum field depth and width.

ExamVision lighting systems are designed for maximum performance, combining light weight with reliability and ease of use.
Dryfield Isolation System

EZ DAM® is perfect for hygiene, it allows you to work quickly and easily in two quadrants at a time, increasing efficiency and streamlining procedures. The bite block is more comfortable for the patient and the specially designed customizable mouthpiece offers safety from injury, aspiration, reduces aerosolic particles and decreases other potentially infectious materials when using highspeed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers.
Professional light activated take-home whitening system

The new Brilliance Xpress light activated take-home professional whitening system - takes home whitening to new levels of simplicity for your staff, and your patients. A dual power Blue-Red whitening accelerator light optimizes the whitening process and rejuvenates cells to protect gums. Brilliance Xpress gel contains potassium nitrate as a desensitizer to eliminate patient sensitivities and provide a positive whitening experience for your patients.
20 minutes in-office whitening system

20 minute in-office effective and affordable whitening system. While patients appreciate an in-office quick solution to dental whitening, previous products have been quite expensive to acquire, and due to the time to set up, prepare and offer treatment, the overall patient cost has alienated many patients from seeking whitening in the dental office.
Professional take-home whitening system

Synca was one of the 1st companies to offer professional whitening to Canadian dentists. Our traditional Brilliance formula has now been updated with a higher strength formula and sensitivity-reducing additives for reduced wear times. Brilliance new formula is for fast-acting day wear, with treatment times as little as 30-45 minutes per day for up to 10 days.