A Fusion of Composite & Adhesive Technology

Fusio™ Liquid Dentin represents the natural progression of composite resin technology that clinicians have been waiting for

A self-adhering flowable composite, Fusio™ Liquid Dentin combines the benefits of adhesive and restorative technology into one product bringing restorative techniques to new unprecedented heights. Simply syringe into the preparation, agitate, and light-cure. Immediately upon application Fusio™ Liquid Dentin conditions, bonds, and seals without the need for an etchant or an adhesive. With such unique applications as dentin replacement or self-adhesive base liner, Fusio™ Liquid Dentin will change the way you look at restorative dentistry. Best of all Fusio™ Liquid Dentin costs less than premium flowable composites and their required separate adhesive.

Features & Benefits


Bonds to dentin and enamel without a separate bonding agent.


Can be used alone or together with bonded composites.

Seals dentin

Offers the potential for reduced sensitivity.

Increases profitability

Improves procedure efficiency by reducing the time, steps, & materials needed.


Easily stands out on x-rays for quick and easy diagnosis.


Available in four of the most popular Vita® shades: A1, A2, A3, & B1.

The evolution of composite technology

Fusio™ Liquid Dentin is a 4-META (4-methacryloxyethyl trimellitic acid) based flowable composite featuring nano-sized amorphous silica and glass fillers. Fusio Liquid Dentin’s unique formula is both acidic (low pH value) and hydrophilic. Upon contact with the tooth surface, the negatively charged carboxylic acid groups of themethacrylatemonomers bond to the mineral ions in the tooth structure. As the carboxylic acid groups are neutralized and the monomers polymerized they become incorporated into the dentin surface enhancing both dentin bonding and sealing ability.
fusio xray

Fusio Liquid Dentin is formulated for easy detection on x-rays.
Courtesy of Dr. Jeff T. Blank, DMD, PA.

Clinical Cases

fusio case1 fusio case1

fusio case2 fusio case2

fusio composite


“Fusio Liquid Dentin is by far one of the best products available to dentists in the 21st century. After using the material on over a hundred restorations it is now one of those products I can't practice without!”

Dr. Tony Soileau, DDS, Lafayette, LA
“I’ve been using Fusio Liquid Dentin as a base under my restorations. Just syringe it, agitate, and cure. It could not be simpler! And, when it comes to sealants nothing could be easier. It’s the answer to squirming children.”

Dr. Marty Jablow, DMD, FAGD, Woodbridge, NJ
“Fusio is the first novel dental product in a decade! By taking advantage of modern self-etching adhesive technology, this ‘liquid dentin replacement’ eliminates the chance for postoperative sensitivity and cuts posterior composite placement time in half! Simply overlay with Artiste Nano Composite and you have a truly fast, simple and beautiful composite!”

Dr. Jeff T. Blank, DMD, PA, Fort Mill, SC
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