Line-of-sight illumination

  • Replaceable lithium ion batteries
  • Repairable/self-replaceable cables
  • 5-year warranty
  • Loaner program

LED lighting is now mainstay when preforming procedures with loupes. As with microscopes, as magnification increases, additional lighting becomes mandatory.

ExamVision lighting systems are designed for maximum performance, combining light weight with reliability and ease of use. Several models are available, with variable light outputs, beam widths and lens, to meet your particular clinical needs and preferences. Two control units are available. The “Essential” control unit offer basic functionality with rheostat control and simpler design to meet a budget. The top-of-the-line “Xtend” control unit features flat-face design for hands-free operation and a longer battery autonomy.

Quality design and rugged metal housing will keep your light operating for years to come. ExamVision lights are inexpensive to maintain over time. The two most common failures over time, do not require that you dispose of your LED light. The lithium-ion batteries are replaceable*. As well, should you experience a cable failure, light cables can be replaced*. All LED lights are covered by a 5-year warranty, and loaners are available to keep you up and running, should you ever need to send your product in for repair.

*These economical services are done at Synca.

45 days
examvision lighting system

examvision lighting system

Choose from 2 control units

ESSENTIAL control unit

examvision essential control unit

Control: On/Off intensity
# of intensities: Variable
Single charge: 3 to 12 hrs
Time to charge: 2.5 hrs
Dimension: 86 x 56 x 25mm
Weight: 144g

XTEND control unit

examvision xtend control unit

Control: Hands-free operation
# of intensities: 3
Single charge: 7 to 24 hrs
Time to charge: 2.5 hrs
Dimension: 110 x 66 x 24mm
Weight: 156g

Choose from 4 LED lighting systems

examvision focus lamp

FOCUS Bright

  • Produces the most even spot of natural light
  • Multi-lens lamp
  • Light spot at 30cm: 100mm
  • Light intensity LED at 30cm: 34,000 Lux (6500K)
  • Lamp weight: 17g
examvision focus lamp


  • Produces the most even spot of natural light
  • Multi-lens lamp
  • Light spot at 30cm: 100mm
  • Light intensity LED at 30cm: 17,000 Lux (5000K)
  • Lamp weight: 17g
examvision nano lamp

NANO Essential

  • Lightweight ultra-compact and powerful
  • Single lens lamp
  • Light spot at 30cm: 110mm
  • Light intensity LED at 30cm: 35,000 Lux (6500K)
  • Lamp weight: 8g
examvision essential lamp


(while supplies last)

  • The most economical solution for LED lighting
  • Available with fixed-on OR connect system
  • Light spot at 30cm: 100mm
  • Light intensity LED at 30cm: 30,000 Lux
  • Lamp weight: 9g

Connect system


  • Plastic-free for stability & durability
  • Easily slip your light on & off
  • Light beam is stable and directed at your operating site
  • Light housing stays close to frame to eliminate lever weight effect

Curing filter


  • Prevent undesired curing of composites
  • Fastens securely to the light housing
  • Made of high grade lightweight metal alloy

Universal clip


The universal attachment system clips on to most brands of glasses, even prescription eyewear, to allow for easy switching between ExamVision loupes and other types of eyewear.

in-office consultation
in-office consultation

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