Highest quality carrier lenses - whatever your prescription

All ExamVision loupes include quality name-brand carrier lenses from Hoya and Essilor. Synca offers several prescription configuration options in order to provide the best peripheral vision for performing additional tasks while working.

  • Quality name-brand carrier lenses

  • Multiple lens configurations possible including multifocal

  • Hi-Index and Super Hi-Index lens options for the thinnest and lightest solution possible, with hard coat and anti-reflective coatings as standard

  • Thinnest possible aspheric carrier lenses offer thinnest edges and lightest weight

  • Eye Protect System™: the first loupe with blue light protection in the oculars that DOES NOT CHANGE colour perception

  • A Super Hi-Vision coating is available in your carrier lenses for extreme scratch resistance, extreme reflection protection and extreme clean vision over time
45 days

Available prescriptions with ExamVision loupes

examvision prescription1

examvision prescription2
examvision prescription3

examvision prescription4


5 times the scratch resistance of any anti-reflective coating on the market today! (LENSES & OCULARS)

Now available for FREE with all ExamVision titanium frames ($150 value)

VLP is the new ExamVision name for the best coating available – both on carrier lenses and loupe oculars.

VLP is far more scratch resistant than basic coatings, it repels dust and smudges and requires less everyday cleaning. It has anti-reflection, giving increased wearing comfort and sharpness of vision.

Additionally, it filters 99% of harmful Ultra-Violet light

examvision eye protect system


  • Clear vision and longer lens life
  • Maximum protection against scratches
  • Sharper, more comfortable vision
  • Eliminates glare to reduce eye fatigue
  • Resists fingerprints, water, dirt – clean less and cleans easy
  • Increases clarity and colour contrast
examvision super hi vision

Without VLP coating

examvision super hi vision

With VLP coating


The first loupe with blue light protection in the LENSES and in the OCULARS!

A revolution in protection against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light

Your eyesight is one of your most valuable assets. Working in a bright, high-exposure LED environment means your eyes are vulnerable to harmful UV and Blue-Violet light. Over time harmful light is one contributing factor of eye diseases like cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Unique protection embedded in the OCULARS and/or the LENSES

  • BLP & EPS - 3 times more protection against harmful blue-violet light than standard prescription lenses
  • Reduces light-induced retinal cell death by 25%
  • Combination of E-SPF index and Smart Blue Filter

Light in the 400-455nm is the most harmful

examvision eye protect system
examvision eye protect system

examvision blp & eps

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in-office consultation

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