Ergonomics, Consultation and Fitting

  • 2 out of 3 dental professionals suffer from MSD (musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Over 90% of hygienists have MSD
  • 70% of students experience pain due to poor work habits

Unfortunately loupes and lighting alone will not solve problems related to poor posture and improper working conditions. In cooperation with one of Europe’s leading physiotherapists specializing in dentistry-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), Synca representatives have received comprehensive training in dental ergonomics.

During your complimentary in-office consultation (available in most areas) with a specially trained Synca loupe and lighting specialist you will receive advice on proper working positions, patient positions, optimal working distances and neutral angles. These ergonomic principals can also be applied to other health professions, and your Synca representative is equipped with the proper tools to take precise personalized measurements that will ensure your loupes allow you maintain the best possible ergonomic position.

Your ExamVision loupes will then be custom built based on the personalized records taken. Synca and ExamVision share the common goal of providing you with a perfect set of loupes and light.

Custom Sweet Spot

While most other loupes are manufactured to fit you into their pre-set working distance ranges, ExamVision loupes are made with a custom sweet spot working distance. This centers the depth-of-field to your optimal working distance, which plays an important role in keeping your body in a proper ergo-nomic position while performing different procedures.

Working distance at 40cm

Brand X offers depth-of-field of 40cm to 47cm

other loupes depth-of-field

Working distance at 40cm

ExamVision provides a truly custom balanced depth-of-field

examvision loupes depth-of-field

Prisma lens system

ExamVision HD 2.8x loupes can be ordered with a prism to refract the image. This allows for a more ergonomically relaxed working position, which will reduce strain on the neck and back, while allowing a neutral eye position. The system can either be inserted or removed by Synca at any time.

examvision prisma system
examvision ergonomic

examvision consultation

examvision ergonomic

examvision ergonomic

examvision ergonomic

ICORE Head Support

This slim memory foam dental headrest with ICORE Support Technology is ideal for dual-articulating dental chairs. It is only 3.5 inches thick, enables proper head positioning for enhanced patient comfort, and allows dentists to remain in a balanced upright position. The headrest includes 2 interchangeable support rods that adjust the neck area based on your dental chair unit and its adjustability. The ICORE headrest includes an anti-microbial cover and has an adjustable heavy-duty strap to anchor it to your dental chair.

icore head support
icore inside

icore colors

in-office consultation
in-office consultation

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