Financing with Synca & MediCapital


  • MediCapital is the only financial partner in Canada that is dedicated exclusively to financial services for healthcare professionals.
  • MediCapital specialty is offering you the best financing to buy equipment, renovate your clinic, or buy all or part of an existing clinic. MediCapital financing offers are simple, affordable, and effective.
  • MediCapital has been named the most used non-banking business by the Dental Industry Association of Canada.
  • Over the years, MediCapital have perfected is role as a strategic advisor to their customers through the valuable relationships they have built with members of their extensive network.
  • With MediCapital expertise and know-how, they can offer you attractive and original financing structures you won’t find anywhere else.

Concrete benefits:

  • Reduce financial constraints
  • Lower the net cost of acquisition
  • Fixed rate financing
  • Financing at 100%
  • Lower taxes
  • No additional fees
  • Pay taxes in monthly instalments rather than 100% at purchase

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