When only the MOST CONVINCING images will do!

The intra-oral camera is possibly the most useful tool for supporting co-diagnostics with your patients. CADI® Optiview 2 was designed and developed to provide the absolute best and most convincing images for you and your patients. The single tooth and close-up macro images are unsurpassed in making patients aware of their current needs for treatment.

cadi optiview2 images

cadi optiview2 images


cadi optiview2 camera

Intelligent Autofocus


Most intra-oral cameras are single focus, simply taking images at a set distance with a limited depth-of-field. They are not so easy to use, especially with barrier sheaths in place.

CADI® Optiview 2 is a true autofocus camera, offering full face to close-up macro images to show highly detailed images at any distance. The user has the option of auto-detection of need to focus, or single press of a button to instantly focus at desired distance.

CADI Optiview 2 video


See for yourself the amazing image quality and the remarkable auto-focus feature of the CADI® Optiview 2.

(Demonstrated with the video stream from CADI®.)

cadi optiview2 image quality


cadi optiview2 images

cadi optiview2 images

cadi optiview2 images

cadi optiview2 images

Perfectly integrated into CADI®

Easily capture and save images by tooth number in a mount CADI-integrated intra-oral camera, allows the user storage capability without interaction with the computer. Simply press the “move frame button” and captured images will be saved to the correct tooth number. This unique feature saves a tremendous amount of time, improves workflows and encourages ongoing use of the camera for every patient.

optiview2 integrated to cadi
cadi automated process

Outstanding Features:

  • Full 1080 HD resolution
  • True autofocus from fullface to macro
  • 7 element glass optical lens produces exceptional image quality
  • 90x zoom magnification
  • High macro capabilities
  • Precision CNC aluminum construction
  • Anti-fogging system
  • Image stabilization system
  • Direct USB – no docking station
  • Advanced CADI features
  • 24 month warranty with “Peace of Mind” services


The anti-fogging feature ensures that the camera lens is always fog-free and ready to capture images.


The Dynamic Image Stabilization ensures that you will capture highly stable, diagnostic and useful images at all times.


Image sensor: Sony progressive scan CMOS / 2 Megapixel
Resolution: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 1080P
Focus type: • Motorized sensor control by stepping motor
• Automated, or one-button re-focus
Capture system: Smart Freeze button
CADI integration: Control of CADI mount with
one of the Smart buttons
Day & night: IR cut filter system
Illumination: High luminance white chip LEDs
Digital output: 16-bit
Power supply: DC 5 V from USB port
Handpiece weight: 97 g
Handpiece length: 213 mm
Cable length: 2.7 m
Warranty: 24 months
cadi optiview 2 intra-oral camera
14 days free trial

Extended service and support

  • 24 month warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Free Telephone diagnostic support for troubleshooting and service (from within Canada)
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