UnicCa® Surface

What is UnicCa® ?

UnicCa® is the surface of BTI® implants that consists of a chemical modification with calcium ions over its triple roughness.

Triple Roughness

The triple roughness topography, depending on the area of the implant (neck, threads or valleys) adapts to the different tissues and biomechanical needs to achieve better osseointegration.


Enhances marginal tissue retention, reducing bacterial colonization.


Allows bone anchorage outside of the threads.


Guides the bone growth between the threads maintaining the implant’s mechanical properties.

UnicCa® Surface Benefits


Maintains the superhydrophillic properties.


Induces the formation of bone tissue (in vitro and in vivo studies)


Reduces implant failure


(in vitro studies)

Chemical modification with calcium ions


Calcium is a bioinorganic ion with decisive functions throughout the bone regeneration processes. (1, 2)


UnicCa® is not a calcium titanate nor a calciumphosphate/ hydroxyapatite coating.

Recent studies demonstrate that implants with the UnicCa® surface obtain significantly higher osseointegration rates in less time. (3)

(1) Gorbet MB, Sefton M V. Biomaterials 2004;25:5681–703.

(2) Mann S. Biomineralization Principles and Concepts in Bioinorganic Materials Chemistry. vol. 17. Oxford University Press; 2001.

(3) Favero R, Botticelli D, Antunes A., Martinez Sanchez R, Caroprese M, Salata L. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2015. doi:10.1111/cid.12311
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bti implant

Quality Assurance / CleanImplant

BTI® UnicCa®, the first implant system on the market to receive the “CleanImplant Foundation” mark!

Vitoria, 30 October 2017. The UnicCa® implant system by BTI was the first in the world to receive the “CleanImplant Foundation” mark. The CleanImplant Foundation is an independent organisation that, in collaboration with the University of Cologne and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, analyses the quality of the materials that comprise dental implants, with the aim of detecting implants with a higher level of purity on their surfaces...


The UnicCa® implant system by BTI was recognised with the CleanImplant Foundation mark, which certifies the purity of the surface of the dental implants. (1:09 min.)

Video showing the operation at the microscopic level of the new range of BTI UnicCa implants whose surface is modified with calcium ions. (3:42 min.)

UnicCa® Implants + Endoret® (PRGF®)

The Perfect Team to Boost your Results!

Improve osseointegration and decrease the risk of perio-implantitis

  • Reduces regeneration times
  • Induces the formation of bone tissue
  • Provides immediate, lasting stability
  • Demonstrates superhydrophilic properties
  • Optimises the adaptation to the different tissues and improves osseointegration

bti implant + endoret

Technical Specifications


Transporter with depth marks and with the reproduction of the connection on the same, to control its positioning.


  • Exclusive four-lobe anti-rotation design
  • Entrance cone to facilitate the insertion of prosthodontic components
  • Designed to withstand high torques without the connection suffering deformations
  • The most advanced design technologies have been used to calculate the stress distribution
  • Guaranteed bone stability around the implant thanks to the study of the load stress distribution
  • The dimensions maximise material in critical areas and thus increase resistance to breakage and fatigue


There are two possible apexes for BTI implants:

1. Tapered Apex

An apex with exceptional advance/drive capacity and a small apical surface that prevents compression at this level, providing control of the direction and the location of the implant in narrow alveolar crests. It also provides a greater osseointegration surface. This is the standard apex.
bio apex

2. Cylindrical Apex

An apex with a lower advance/drive capacity and a large apical surface adapted to achieve primary stability without compressing important anatomical structures (maxillary sinus and dental nerve).
bio apex
bti implant details

BTI® Solutions for Atrophic Maxillae

BTI® helps you to solve implant surgeries in patients with severe maxillary atrophies


BTI® puts at your disposal TINY IMPLANTS AND EXPANDER IMPLANTS, ideal solutions both for inserting narrow implants when there is no other option, and to increase the volume of the bone substrate when it is necessary to place an implant, without having to resort to much more invasive and less predictable surgery.


BTI puts at your disposal SHORT AND EXTRA-SHORT IMPLANTS, ideal solutions to solve cases with a lack of bone substate, without having to resort to much more invasive and less predictable surgery, both in the superior maxilla, avoiding sinus elevations, and in the inferior maxilla, when the distance to the dental nerve is not sufficient...
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