The CORE Line

The CORE of your clinical decisions!

The latest developments of BTI®, the CORE line - a set of implants, with 6 different diameters and several lengths - allows you to resolve 90% of implant treatments requested in dental clinics

bti core connection CORE INTERNA CONNECTION

Feature & Advantages


Facilitates the surgical intervention in any bone type thanks to its apex with great advance capacity. It also makes it possible to achieve primary stability in post-extraction sockets.


An internal tetralobe with a prosthetic emergence that is 3.5 mm in diameter, that allows the attachments used to be unified. They favour greater stability of the periimplant tissues, also making them the choice for restoring limited interdental spaces.


Thanks to the properties of the UnicCa® surface, CORE implants provide greater bone stability and higher oseintegration.


CORE implants imply a reduction in time and costs in clinical practise, requiring less drills and a simple surgical box to keep them in.


CORE incorporates BioBlock®, a biomechanical concept to guarantee hermetic and biological sealing, which favours preservation of the marginal bone around the implants. Using expanded transepithelial abutments, platform changes are performed with wider emergence profiles.
bti core implants bti core implants

Diameters: Platform: Lenghts:
Ø 3.3mm
Ø 3.5mm
Ø 3.75mm
Ø 4.0mm
Ø 4.25mm
Ø 4.75mm
Ø 3.5mm 5.5mm

The Universal Line

Universal Platform Ø 4.1mm

5 Diameters / 8 Lengths

The universal platform implants are indicated for situations in anterosuperior areas or in middle areas of the mouth, to restore canine and premolar teeth.

bti 4-lobes connection FOUR-LOBED INTERNA CONNECTION
bti universal implants

The Universal Plus Line

Universal Platform Ø 4.1mm

3 Diameters / 8 Lengths

The implants of the Universal Plus platform are indicated for immediate placement in a post-extraction socket and are ideal for bridge abutments in areas of canines and premolars. They can also be used individually in central upper and molar areas, but above all when there is a significant biomechanical requirement and it is necessary to be more stringent with the maintenance of soft tissue.

bti 4-lobes connection FOUR-LOBED INTERNA CONNECTION
bti universal plus implants

The Wide Line

Wide platform Ø 5.5mm

3 Diameters / 8 Lengths

The implants of the Wide platform are ideal for obtaining good initial stability and good stress distribution for upper and lower molars. They are particularly useful in cases of post-extraction implant placements and in single molars, above all in the upper maxilla.

bti 4-lobes connection FOUR-LOBED INTERNA CONNECTION
bti wide implants

Expander Implants (Transitional)

Ø 2.5mm

1 Diameters / 3 Lengths

The expander implants by BTI are the perfect alternative and complement for conventional bone expansions. They are transitional implants that are inserted in the alveolar bone ridge when there is not enough width to fit a definitive Narrow implant. They are, therefore, an alternative to block bone grafts for the reconstruction of the atrophic alveolar process.

An increase in bone volume necessary to insert wider implants and to change the angulation of an implant in a severely resorbed crest, in the event of being necessary, is achieved.

They have a specific surface treatment that increases bone apposition, but different to that carried out on definitive implants, making their explantation easier.

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