Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-up and Post Cementing Composite with Nano-technology

Synca Biolight® CORE DC is a dual cure flowable composite material that is indicated for bonding of fiber posts and for core build-up. It is an ideal consistency for ensuring bubble-free cementation of Biolight® DRILL-FREE multi-posts and offers excellent physical properties as a core build-up material. The zirconium dioxide nano-particles offer high radiopacity. The dual cure capability ensures complete polymerization for cases where light cure is not suitable.

Physical properties:

Compressive strength: 320 MPa
Flexural strength (dual-cure): 145 MPa
Flexural strength (self-cure): 123 MPa
Barcol hardness: 76

  • A2 Universal shade

  • Working time: > 1:30 min

  • Setting time: < 3:30 min

  • Optimal hardness and high mechanical properties

  • Easy application with ideal flow for adaptation to tooth structure

  • Cuts like dentine (unlike harder composite)

biolight core dc

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