calaject testimonial

A Calaject review

“I switched from providing my injections with the Wand to the Calaject system about two months ago, and it was a wise decision! The change in product was easy to adapt to as they both function very similarly, but with Calaject there are no recurring costs! The change in systems paid for itself in 3-4mths and from what I calculated I'm saving thousands per year moving forward. I like the fact that Calaject doesn't have to be plugged into the wall making it easy for staff to move it from op to op. I also like the look of the unit better as well - more impressive looking. My patients haven't noticed a difference and I'm still benefitting from more comfortable, consistent injections for my patients. I find this technology increases block injection success with a faster onset. I also like the fact that I can offer options to my patients that minimize the number of injections given, as well as utilize less anesthetic overall! Patients love not having their whole face numb when I have to treat a lower molar, or love that I can give only one very comfortable palatal injection to anesthetize the same number of teeth as 6 infiltrations!

THANK YOU SYNCA - I would recommend the Calaject system to all my colleagues and every Wand user out there! It's a wise decision…as well as Hugo for his excellent service and support in Alberta.”

Dr. Emad Morris, Edmonton, AB
ez dam testimonial

An EZ DAM® review

“I have been using EZ DAM in my 2 dental practices for a few months. It takes less than a minute to be ready to use it. It is very convenient for my patients because it is very comfortable and for me it provides ideal isolation in all my treatments. Hugo my local Rep is very knowledgeable and helpful to work with. I definitely recommend the use of EZ DAM from Synca.”

Dr. Murai Khalifa, Calgary, AB
brilliance 20 testimonial

A Brilliance 20 review

“I just want to let you know that we have tested the new Brilliance 20 kits form Synca. Patients really appreciated the results on both cases that we di. The procedure lasted on 20 minutes and produced excellent results, without sensitivity, and at a 50% savings over what we were paying for our whitening kits. Synca, once again, has come up with a high-quality product and a very competitive price.”

Dr. Linda Belanger, St-Damase, QC
els testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Dear Synca, thank you for the fantastic service and loupes!! From start to finish, you have been very efficient, clear with pricing and your aftercare has been brilliant. The loupes have helped my back significantly at work, and I cannot work without them!!! They loupes are very light and the field of vision is very clear. As the frames are made from titanium, it is very robust. The light provided helps a lot when doing very intricate work and I am so glad I invested in a pair of ExamVision loupes.

Prior to ordering the loupes, I enquired about them as I was from the UK. Hugo the Rep for Western Canada explained everything clearly giving me all the options allowing me to make a decision based solely on my need. I met Hugo in BC and he again explained the benefits of the loupes and gave me all the options. Once I received my loupes, it needed a small adjustment and Synca organized everything from collecting the loupes to the adjustment and quick delivery them.

I am very pleased with Synca and the ExamVision loupes would highly recommend them to dentists and other healthcare professionals!”

Dr. Suren Fernando, Vancouver, BC
els testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“My ExamVision loupes are fantastic, I couldn't be happier with the fit and aesthetics! The light feels very light on the frames and does a great job illuminating the mouth, even at a low setting. They also appear to be calibrated well with my posture. They made me a little nauseous at first, but I remember you saying it could take time getting used to them. Thank you again for the support!”

Stephanie Klok, Registered Dental Hygienist, Fonthill, ON