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How hard is it to browse through supplier catalogues or web sites and find the products that will best meet your needs? Which products perform better? Which ones are most reliable? Which ones save you time? Which ones offer better value? Which ones really make a difference in your practice?

Synca's ongoing mission is to simplify the product selection task by offering you products that make sense. Through extensive product evaluation, supplier scrutiny, independent testing and international clinical feedback, we strive to select only those few products that differentiate themselves.

Several new Synca products offer great clinical performance at exceptional prices. Synca is now the exclusive Canadian partner for one innovative high-end European manufacturer that excels in composite resin: Micerium S.p.A. from Italy.

As always, you can rely on Synca for courteous and knowledgeable staff, exceptional value, same day shipping, and a high order fulfillment rate. Your ongoing support is appreciated. Our passion for "finding better ways" continues with the goal of bringing you products that make sense!

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RENT FOR A WEEK - only $95

For only $95, you can try Calaject in your office for 1 week. You will receive a complete Calaject unit, an online or personal short training session, and some pointers to make the most of your week. Should you decide to integrate Calaject at the end of the week, the $95 will be deducted from your purchase price of a new unit.

Disclaimer: Beware - Calaject is addictive for both you and your patients!
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Purchase $250 of FiT!® impression material and receive a 50ml cartridge of Biolight TEMP FREE - value of $167

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NEW - Brilliance 20 in-office whitening system

Nothing kick's off successful esthetic treatment acceptance than an in-office whitening session. Synca now offers a faster, easier, and less expensive in-office whitening system with formula additives to reduce or eliminate any sensitivities. Special buying programs offer either free whitening lights or kit prices to get you going. Brilliance 20 can be used alone or in conjunction with Brilliance at-home professional whitening or Ena White 2.0 brush whitening system.

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An ExamVision loupes review

“I had a bad experience on wearing loupes with competitive company, and I did'nt think I would wear loupes again until I met Hapi Randhawa, she change my mind with Synca loupes.She was so advisable and knowledgeable and help me to choose the best for me, even after i got my loupes she adjusted two time to give the correct and and real working distance and correct and real angulation, now I am working without back-pain, neck pain and with a good magnification and clear field of work.”

Ahmed Sabri, 2015 Student, London, ON

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An EZ DAM® review

“The EZ DAM is amazing! It's a timer saver! My patients are very surprised to find how comfortable the mouthpiece and the bite block are. It helps, that the bite blocks come in varies seizes and the mouthpiece can be trimmed. All posterior work, including crown preps and class V restorations are so much easier with the EZ DAM. I was worried about using the EZ DAM on my patients with severe gag reflex, but now I can't work on them with out it. I would recommend the EZ DAM to all dentist, who want to save time and provide comfort for their patients!”

Mandeep Johal D.M.D, Fergus, ON

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An ExamVision loupes review

“I purchased loupes from Hapi at Synca who distribute the ExamVision line of loupes in Ontario. She is amazing and she was so helpful and so advisable on loupes. I found the ExamVision products to have the best quality, and it is really light, style and comfortable to wear.”

Fersan Marei, 2016 Graduate, Kitchener, ON

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An ExamVision loupes review

“I have been using magnification in my practice for years and I have used several different loupe manufacturers. My Examvision Kepler 3.5x loupes with light are far superior to anything I have used before. Our Synca rep, Hapi, was meticulous about measuring and fitting my eyewear. She took her time and really helped choose what is right for me. The results are fantastic and I am experiencing clear, precise, comfortable vision which benefits me and my patients. Dentists experience a tremendous amount of ergonomic stress and eye strain on a daily basis and my new loupes have helped to minimize this. Thanks!”

Dr. Gordon Davidson, Burlington, ON

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Premium microhybrid
els is a light-curing microhybrid composite with unparalleled low shrinkage stress and low volumetric shrinkage. Saremco is the pioneer in low shrinkage stress technology and clinical tests confirm its superior restorations.
The Best Dryfield
Isolation System
Hands free suction system combined with tongue and cheek retraction. EZ DAM® mouthpieces are designed to provide the optimal level of retraction and isolation of the working field. EZ DAM® delivers the same level of isolation as a rubber dam without the hassles.
Flowable composite

els flow is indicated as a base in class 1 and 2 restorations, for class 5 restorations, slot cavities and extended fissure sealing. It's unique chemistry is free of TEGDMA, HEMA and other comonomers of low molecular weight.
Fiber Force CST
Fiber implant
framework system
From the minds that brought you FiBER FORCE®, CST® (Cable Stayed Technology) represents the next major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures, popularized by solutions like the All-on-4™ implant system.
Extreme hydrophilic
impression material
FiT!® Soft Putty is non-oily formula that is easy to mix and insert into the mouth. The FiT!® Light body provides extraordinary level of detail comparative to the best materials available today.
Fast Splint Matrix
Dental Glass Fiber
Splinting system
The use of glass fibers versus metallic options is attractive to dental professionals because they allow for an effective bond to tooth structures when applied correctly, resulting in strong and durable splinting. Fibers are also highly esthetic.