Flowable Composite that Cures in 3 Seconds!

Flow-It!® ALC, a direct light cured composite restorative material from Pentron®, represents a different approach to restoring teeth. Flow-It!® ALC combines maximum esthetics with the need for a material that will “flex” with the tooth. It is the ideal composite for Class V restorations, where esthetics and durability are crucial. It is also highly indicated for use as a base under Class II restorations. Because of its versatility, Flow-It!® ALC is a material your operatory cannot afford to be without.

The ALC formula cuts the curing times in half. You can now cure incremental layers in just 3 seconds using the new high speed curing lights, or just 10 seconds using standard halogen lights.

Two unique characteristics make Flow-It!® ALC stand out from the crowd

1. Flow-It!® ALC contains a unique resin matrix with a blend of ethoxilated BisGMA, improving stain resistance.

2. Flow-It!® ALC is truly highly flowable:

  • it requires no instrumentation
  • it requires little finishing
  • it does not flow off the tooth because of its thixotropic properties

Physical Properties

Filler type: Barium-boro-fluoro-silicate-glass
Filler percentage by weight: 70%
Filler percentage by volume: 55%
Filler particle size: 1µm
Flexural strength (MPa): 121.2
Modulus of elasticity in comp.: 4.1
Compressive strength (MPa): 254
Water sorption (mg/mm/wk): 15.1

Flow-It!® ALC FAQ:

Q. What shades are available in Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite?

A. Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite is available in 26 shades including all 16 Vita shades, 2 gingival shades, 2 pedo shades, 4 bleach shades, Clear, and Universal Opaque. Refer to the product page for a full listing.

Q. How long does it take for Flow-It ALC flowable composite to light cure?

A. Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite will cure with a high speed halogen curing light in 3 seconds and with a standard halogen curing light in 10 seconds.

Q. Can Flow-It ALC composite be used as a pit and fissure sealant?

A. Yes.

Q. What applications can Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite be used for?

A. Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite can be used in class I, III, and V restorations. It may also be used as a base liner in class II restorations, as well as a repair material for ceramic and composite restorations.

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Applications of flowable composites:

  • Class V restorations
  • Base layer for Class II box prep
  • Small class I restorations
  • Small class III restorations
  • Filled sealant
  • Temporary (Inlay/Onlay)
  • Tunnel preps
  • Pit and fissure sealant
  • Blockout
  • Small core build-up
  • Porcelain/Indirect composite laminate luting cement
  • Seal post head of implant
  • Direct veneers
  • Temporary veneers
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Fill surface irregularities in enamel
  • More…

Clinical Cases

flow-it case1 flow-it case1

flow-it case2 flow-it case2

flow-it composite


The CRA gives an excellent rating to Flow-It!® ALC

One of the most respected independent organizations in dentistry, the CRA, gave a 96% “excellent or good” rating to Flow-It!® ALC in its July 2001 issue. 68% of the testers said that Flow-It!® ALC would replace the flowable composite they were presently using.

Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, Volume 25, Issue 7, July 2001

REALITY, Vol. 15., Reality Publishing Co., Houston, Texas. 2001*

"Least expensive in category"
"... best handling in category"

*Data on file, available upon request.

The Dental Advisor Plus, Vol.7, #2 (March/April 1997)*

++++1/2 out of 5

The Dental Advisor Plus had 16 consultants use Flow-It!®® flowable composite in over 350 procedures. Flow-It!®® was given a 91% “very good” rating by the publication after the recommendations of the doctors and assistants who tested it.

According to The Dental Advisor Plus, Flow-It!®® received good reviews on the quality of its instructions, and on how easy it is to handle and deliver. It was “highly recommended” to restore cervical lesions and for repairing margins.

*Data on file, available upon request.

REALITY, Vol. 13. Reality Publishing Co., Houston, Texas. 1999: p. 1-272.*

4 **** out of 5

REALITY, the annual book considered by many to be “the” reference for Evaluations in the dentistry industry today, gave Flow-It!®® a rating of 4 **** out of a possible 5.

*Data on file, available upon request.

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