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Reviews on EZ DAM®

“Thanks for the introduction to EZ DAM - I love it! Don’t know how I worked without it!! It was amazing, no need to worry about tongue, patient jaw is relaxed and cheek is out of the way.”

Dr. Terinder K. Chahal, BDs, DDS, MSC Oral Biology CAGS Perio (USA)
Bolton, ON
“Our favorite piece for the EZ DAM is the Junior, patients love the comfort of it, as well as the suctioning works very well. Have not had any complaints, and sometimes we cut it to adjust the sizing.”

Dr. Barbara Kostyk, Cochrane, AB

“I LOVE the EZ DAM! My assistant Grace now asks me if I want to use it for every restorative procedure - because she has witnessed how manageable my procedures become when it is employed. Patients agree: it's not always a perfect fit, but it typically helps them to relax and tolerate long procedures - especially those with gag reflexes. It's a revolutionary product in my practice. So thank you for your introduction and support!”

Dr. Kenneth Montague, Toronto, ON
“EZ DAM is really easy to use. It allows the operator to see better and facilitates our procedures. The different sizes of bite blocks ensure patient comfort and keep the mouth opened as required. We're just starting to use EZ DAM and already we don't want to work without it. Thank you for introducing this product to us.”

Elise Laberge, Gegep de l'Outaouais, QC
“I have been using EZ DAM in my 2 dental practices for a few months. It takes less than a minute to be ready to use it. It is very convenient for my patients because it is very comfortable and for me it provides ideal isolation in all my treatments. Hugo my local Rep is very knowledgeable and helpful to work with. I definitely recommend the use of EZ DAM from Synca.”

Dr. Murai Khalifa, Calgary, AB
“I almost always use EZ DAM when placing more than a single composite restoration on the same patient, when preparing or cementing crowns, and even for ortho brackets. It is easy and efficient for me, and with the choices of bite block sizes and silicone mouthpieces, my patients appreciate the added comfort. It offers excellent check retraction and the tongue is kept at bay so they can relax and I can work. EZ DAM is a great tool for an efficient practice.”

Dr. Julie Boisvert, Quebec, QC
“EZ DAM - I love it!!! I can do several treatments without my assistant having to suction.”

Dr. Guadalupe Arrieta, Toronto, ON
“At the Saint-Hyacinthe College’s dental hygienist clinic, the kit EZ DAM became a major player in the students’ daily practice. It provides a good isolation when the rubber dam is not an option in dental surgery. It is also ideal to isolate the surgical site when applying pit and fissure sealants. Furthermore, it is easy to install and very comfortable for the client.”

Guylaine Vallée HD, B.Éd, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC
Responsable of trainee placement, Teacher in dental hygiene
“The EZ DAM is amazing! It's a timer saver! My patients are very surprised to find how comfortable the mouthpiece and the bite block are. It helps, that the bite blocks come in various sizes and the mouthpiece can be trimmed. All posterior work, including crown preps and class V restorations are so much easier with the EZ DAM. I was worried about using the EZ DAM on my patients with severe gag reflex, but now I can't work on them with out it. I would recommend the EZ DAM to all dentist, who want to save time and provide comfort for their patients!”

Mandeep Johal D.M.D, Fergus, ON

Clive M. Friedman, DDS, FAAPD, London, ON
“EZ DAM is a wonderful option when rubber dam cannot be used. The ease of placement and comfort for patients make it an excellent addition to restorative procedures. It is especially good when working on kids. Ideal isolation for cementing crowns and onlays. I was pleasantly surprised on how dry the field was kept, what a bonus! Using the EZ DAM is like having extra hands available for all procedures, 6-handed dentistry at it's best!”

Dr. Dennis Marangos, Toronto, ON
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