Protect Yourself and your Staff
with the EZ DAM system

  • Use high volume suction and isolate the oral cavity to effectively reduce saliva droplets and aerosols
  • Replaces saliva ejectors for hygienists and dentists
  • Replaces rubber dam for a multitude of procedures
  • Can be use with existing high volume suction simultaneously or alone
  • Design with 8 channels and 32 lateral suction orifices
  • Made in Canada
ez dam

The Better Dryfield Isolation System

Hands free suction system combined with tongue and cheek retraction

Products that perform multiple functions and do them all well are rare – EZ DAM® is one of them. EZ DAM® is tongue retractor, cheek retractor, throat pack, bite block, and hi-volume suction – all in one. This is what it does, but what can it do for you?

EZ DAM® comes from inventive minds who wanted to take a good idea and make it great. It takes a lot of thinking to build a better mousetrap and a lot of thinking went into EZ DAM®.

EZ DAM® provides solutions to a host of problems that you have just accepted as part of your everyday procedures

Before EZ DAM® …

  • Stop ‘n go dentistry – intermittent stops for HV suction and replacing cotton rolls
  • Difficulty in obtaining a dry field without rubber dam
  • Subjecting patients to painful rubber dam clamps
  • Holding the hand mirror for check retraction
  • Difficulty in keeping mouth open and tongue out of the way
  • Risks of patients swallowing debris
  • Risks of injury from instruments

problem without ez dam

problem without ez dam

problem without ez dam

With EZ DAM® …

Work uninterrupted with less stress

EZ DAM® can cut procedure time by as much as 30%. It offers hi-volume suction, tongue retractor, cheek retractor, bite block and throat pack – all in one – with hands-free operation. Once you start your procedure, you can work uninterrupted until you’re done. Your assistant is freed from suction and retraction to work on more important tasks.

Obtain rubber dam level of isolation without using rubber dam

Composites, sealants and many other procedures require dry fields and obtaining them without rubber dam is not easy. EZ DAM® isolates the procedure area and offers a complete dry field.

Provide a calm, relaxing environment for your patients

EZ DAM® mouthpieces are made from Dynaflex, a silicone based, non-allergenic material that is soft and comfortable. Mouthpieces can easily be trimmed to patient anatomy. Patients, even those with gag reflexes, report that EZ DAM® feels comfortable in their mouths. Patients just lie back and relax, without worrying about need to swallow, feeling debris, risking closing their mouths or interfering with their tongues, while you work.

ez dam in mouth

ez dam assemble


EZ DAM® mouthpieces are designed to provide the optimal level of retraction and isolation of the working field. If you’re like the vast majority of dental professionals, using rubber dam is not high on the list of your favourite things. EZ DAM® delivers the same level of isolation as a rubber dam without the hassles.

EZ DAM® mouthpieces effectively retract the patients’ tongue and cheek, creating a highly accessible working field. EZ DAM® was also designed to effectively remove water and saliva from the mouth. Vacuum channels built into every EZ DAM® mouthpiece result in powerful suction that can also be easily controlled when required.
ez dam mouthpiece


EZ DAM® is designed with the patient in mind. EZ DAM® mouthpieces are made from “Dynaflex” a silicone- based, non-allergenic material that is soft and comfortable. Mouthpieces can easily be trimmed and are designed to take into account the shape of the mouth to maximize comfort. Patients, even those with gagging problems, report that EZ DAM® feels comfortable in their mouths, and is far less invasive and intimidating than a rubber dam.

With five sizes of reusable bite blocks, EZ DAM® users can also maximize patient comfort. Patients also report being very satisfied with the throat pack function of EZ DAM® as it keeps them from swallowing debris generated during routine restorative procedures.

EZ DAM® Bite Blocks

ez dam bite blocks

Efficiency & Calm

The most commonly used method used to create isolation - cotton rolls and a mirror handle – results in inefficient, stop and go dentistry: interruptions to replace the rolls, fighting the tongue, stopping to evacuate excess fluids. Procedures using EZ DAM® are linear and uninterrupted, resulting in faster procedures and a more effective use of time. Many procedures can now be completed in 1/3 less time. The efficiency benefits for dental professionals working alone is even greater.

Dentistry is a very hectic profession. With linear and uninterrupted dentistry comes another benefit – less stress. EZ DAM® users report feeling much calmer when performing dental procedures because they are working, uninterrupted, in an operative field that is totally under control.

End Compromise

Only a minority of dental professionals routinely place rubber dam other than for endodontic procedures. The reason is painfully obvious: dentists, assistants, hygienists, and patients all dislike it. Yet all dental professionals agree that maintaining a properly isolated field is essential for clinical success in many routine and specialty procedures. EZ DAM® allows dental professionals like you to stop compromising and obtain a properly isolated working field all of the time, not just some of the time.

Economy & Easy Integration

EZ DAM® was designed to be economical to use regularly. The overall benefits for dentists, hygienists and their patients make EZ DAM® a virtual no-brainer.

For Everything & Everyone

Though EZ DAM® is easy and affordable enough to be used for virtually all dental procedures, you will quickly find it indispensable for:

  • Posterior composite restorations and crown preps
  • Any restorative hygienists working alone
  • CEREC restorations and anyone taking digital impressions
  • Hygiene scaling and prophy

EZ DAM® was designed to be useful and accessible for all dental professionals – dentists, assistants, hygienists, students - so that it’s overall benefits can be experienced by as many people as possible – including you and your patients.
ez dam working

rubber dam

ez dam
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