HD Dual Achromatic 2.8x

ExamVision HD 2.8x is our flagship product that is handcrafted to your specifications using the highest quality components available. It is designed to offer outstanding image clarity and brightness, along with maximum field depth and width.

HD 2.8x is ideal for dental professionals, surgeons and veterinary applications that demand sufficient magnification, combined with comfort for all-day wear.

HD 2.8x is well suited for all professionals who are new to loupes, however those who are already connoisseurs and are looking for the highest quality optics, eye and wear comfort will truly appreciate ExamVision.

examvision 2.8 hd

A Unique improved “Galilean telescope” magnification system

  • Large button ocular lets in more light for a brighter image; less eye stress for comfortable long wear; increases depth and width of field

  • Dual-achromatic magnification. This superior lens design from a Leica subcontractor produces the best possible color and image - free of chromatic aberrations and distortion.

  • Ultra-lightweight titanium ocular casing is durable and will not crack or split

  • Superior clarity and brightness without reflections (99.1% light transmission)

  • Clear vision throughout the wide field of view area

  • No chromatic aberration (color separation)

  • High abrasion resistance lens coatings

  • The TTL system creates a larger field of view, with a sharper and more defined image

  • Large depth of field for multiple working angles

  • German optics from a Leica supplier

45 days trial

HD Galilean Magnification: (2.8x)

field 2.8


field Field-of-view: 102mm
weight Weight (a): 46g
depth Depth-of-field (b): 18-23cm

(a): Average comparative loupe weight.
(b): Depending on accommodation.
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