Reviews on HRi

“The ENA HRi system applied with Dr. Lorenzo Vanini’s technique is what I currently recommend to my dental students and residents. ENA HRi represents a new level of excellence in dental composites - combining exquisite optical properties with a beautiful blend of natural colors. It is a grand accomplishment for dentistry.”

Joe C. Ontiveros, DDS, MS University of Texas - Dental Branch at Houston Director, Clinical Esthetic Dentistry & Oral Biomaterials
“The unique optical properties and simplified shading system of ENA HRi allow any dentist to obtain a high level of esthetics in anterior and posterior restorations, and do so predictably and profitably.”

Michael J. Morgan, DDS, Hinsdale, Illinois
“… I recently struggled with replacing a small chip on an upper central incisor. I tried in 3 separate appointments (unsuccessfully) to develop an invisible and seamless restoration. I then decided to try the restoration with the ENA system, and I was able to achieve the desired result in a single try. ENA HRi is amazing. Thank you Synca.”

Dr. Carol Waldman, Toronto, ON, Canada (past - president of the TACD - Toronto academy of cosmetic dentistry)
“In the past, it took longer and required more complicated techniques to get the level of results that I demand in my practice and for my patients - ENA HRi composite is amazing. Unparalleled chameleon effect, the dentin shades virtually eliminate shine through, handles very well – non sticky, no slumping , polishes up very nicely. From the first time I tried ENA HRI, I knew this was not like any other product I had tried before. I have switched from using 3M Filtek to ENA HRI.”

Dr. Gerald Riley, Laval, QC, Canada
“ENA HRI composite is the best aesthetic composite that I’ve ever worked with. The chameleon effect is incomparable to others, no visible margin, even with my loupes, polish unparalleled, handling is incredible. I said I would never do composite veneers ...until now!”

Dr. Dany Robert, Joliette, QC, Canada
“ENA HRi is a system that mimics the optical and physical properties of the natural dentition with fidelity. It allows for the replication of subtle or market aesthetic details that defy detection in a composite resin restoration.”

Newton Fahl Jr. D.D.S., Curitiba, Brazil
“… I’ve used it for several patients, here are my observations: Color Matching and Stability Excellent, Interface with adjacent enamel – almost invisible, handling – thick plastic feeling but not gritty or hard to handle, Non sticky, no slump, Strength – above average especially with increased curing time, Polishability – excellent. One caveat – it is extremely light sensitive…”

Dr. Roel Wyman, Toronto, ON, Canada
“I do a lot of aesthetic dentistry and by consequence I am always looking for a new ‘revolutionary’ product. For the first time, after many disappointments, here was ENA HRi, a composite that amazed me! The handling and polishability of this material is excellent. The composite blends almost invisibly with the tooth in class 4 cases. I recommend ENA HRI without hesitation for your cosmetic cases.”

Dr. André Tawil, Repentigny, QC, Canada
“ENA HRi... is my first choice for simple and complex anterior composite restorations as its anatomical layering allows me to rebuild the tooth from the inside out - literally, to put back what is missing.”

Christopher Orr BDS, London, UK
“I'm finding the aesthetics with the ENA HRI are superb, far superior to any other composite resins I have tried. The layering technique is easy and straightforward to implement once learned and practiced a few times. I have absolute confidence that I can provide beautiful restorations in any situation.”

Chris Tsang DMD, Aurora, ON, Canada
“The ENA Heat conditioning unit was one of the simplest things I could have integrated into my daily practice that improves the quality of any direct composite restoration. Preheating the composites allows me to better manipulate the material and to feel more confident that my margins are well adapted and sealed without having to use a flowable resin. Not to mention that since I started using the heater. I haven't cemented a veneer without it. All the mechanical benefits of a filled resin and potentially more with heating, but with a decreased viscosity. I strongly encourage all dentists to consider introducing the EnaHeat unit into their armamentarium.”

Dr Keith Sotero, Orleans, ON, Canada
“I used the Micerium polishing kit today and was very impressed with the results. I would say the results are every bit as good as other leading polishing systems, but I actually liked the texture with the Micerium kit better! I also liked the simplicity... very nice and intuitive.”

Dr. Matthew Costa, Quarryville, PA, United States
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