Independently tested at 30 MPa bond strength*

Can be Use as a 5th or 4th Generation Bonding

With the increasing popularity of Micerium products around the world, Synca is introducing the ENA Bond total etch system to complement the product line. ENA Bond can be used alone as a single bottle total etch (5th generation) system with ethanol carrier, or can be followed with an application of ENA Seal (unfilled resin) to act as a 4th generation system. Try ENA Bond today with a great special offer and ask about our year-round incentives on bonding products.

*Test made by University of Chieti – Italy
ena bond SEM ena bond SEM

Images at SEM 600x and 3000x of the hybrid layer obtained with the two-bottle technique; note quantity and depth of resin tags

University of Chieti - Italy (Prof. Camillo D’Arcangelo)

ETCH & RINSE – 1 BOTTLE Technique

5th Generation Bonding Technique

  • Esthetics & Retention
  • Fluorescent as natural tooth
  • Ethanol based special composition
  • Dual catalyst used with dual composite

ETCH & RINSE – 2 BOTTLES Technique

4th Generation Bonding Technique

You can get great adhesion results and a perfect seal by using ENA Bond as a primer and ENA Seal as second layer of unfilled adhesive resin; ENA Bond becomes a two-bottle adhesive system.
ena bond 1 bottle
ena bond 2 bottles
biolight stik dc Self-etching dual cure adhesive
stik se 1 Single bottle self-etch adhesive
ena bond Can be Use as a 5th or 4th gen. bonding
bond-1 5th generation single bottle bonding