Digital x-ray sensors

The CADI® Optimum digital x-ray sensors are performance-proven for diagnostics, reliability and post-sales support. Two sensor sizes are available in compact sizes with high active areas. Designed and built in the same world-leading high-tech production facility that produces leading satellite and space telescope imagery.
Digital x-ray and imaging software

CADI® is designed first and foremost to balance powerful imaging software with ease-of-use. It fits easily into your workflows to become an indispensable member of your team. ONE software to learn and use. Use ONE imaging software for all your sensors. ONE software to manage intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic x-rays, digital cameras and more.
Intra-oral camera

The CADI® Optiview UNO is a simple-to-use intra-oral camera that integrates perfectly into CADI®. It offers full 720P clear and bright images with a fixed focus range that is ideal to support all your treatment recommendations.
Premium intra-oral camera

The intra-oral camera is possibly the most useful tool for supporting co-diagnostics with your patients. CADI® Optiview 2 was designed and developed to provide the absolute best and most convincing images for you and your patients. The single tooth and close-up macro images are unsurpassed in making patients aware of their current needs for treatment.