Awarded for Design - Designed for Dentists!

All of the essentials, optimized in every way for the best possible optical, ergonomic and mechanical performance, just as you demand!

Exclusive unibody construction offers purity of form and perfection of function. The microscope is created using a minimalist design philosophy, demanding that less is truly more. All essentials, included! The highest quality German optical and machining skills are combined to create a no-compromise system of elegance and simplicity.
cj optik microscope

Statement of the Jury:

“A high-performance high-tech product with a very progressive and contemporary design”.

The German Design Award directly contributed to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The highly esteemed, international jury guarantees this. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.
cj optik award

The FLEXION Family

Flexion Basic

cj optik basic

  • MonoGlobe weightless movement balancing system
  • Basic body with Semi-APO lense system
  • VarioFocus2 (200-350mm Plan-APO)
  • Fan-less LED 100,000 Lux lighting WITHOUT spot diaphragm
  • Orange filter (prevents composite cure)
  • High quality lowest cost model

Flexion Advanced

cj optik advanced

  • MonoGlobe weightless movement balancing system
  • Advanced body with APO lense system
  • Choose between VarioFocus2 (200-350mm Plan-APO) or VarioFocus3 (210-470mm Plan-APO)
  • Fan-less LED 100,000 Lux lighting WITH spot diaphragm
  • Orange filter (prevents composite cure)
  • 4K or HD-Imaging-Port included

Flexion Advanced SensorUnit

cj optik advanced su

  • Includes ALL features of the Flexion Advanced
  • SensorUnit - Control photo and video recording easily with a hand gesture

Flexion Twin lite (Blue or White)

cj optik twin lite

  • Includes ALL features of the Flexion Advanced SensorUnit (without the Orange filter)
  • TWIN LITE BLUE: Additional LED light source (BLUE) improves identification of restorative materials, tartar and caries
  • TWIN LITE WHITE: Additional LED light source (WHITE) beam for up to 200,000 Lux of white light
  • Natural filter (closer to real warm light and increases the preparation time when working with composite)

Flexion Twin (Blue or White)

cj optik twin

  • Includes ALL features of the Flexion Twin lite
  • 4 powerful filters: Orange (prevents composite cure), Polarizing (antiglare), Natural (closer to real warm light) and Green (improves visibility of the blood supply)
  • Display for filter visualization

OPTICS – For Superior Results

apo and plan

Advanced Optical Design

Apochromatic optics with the latest index-matched coatings are integrated, offering the highest correction available for aberration, color, light transmission, and distortion. Precise and innovative construction provides superior ergonomic placement of all functions and controls, along with unparalleled ease-of-movement!

Cj-Optik Flexion microscopes are highly acclaimed for their superior image quality. The full apochromatic optical lense system will detect the finest colour and structure details without distortion.

Flexion Basic: Semi-APO lense system
Flexion Advanced / Advanced SensorUnit / Twin lite (Blue or White) / Twin (Blue or White): APO lense system
cj optik illumination

Perfect Illumination

The fan-less LED spot lighting provides a well-lit treatment area with high colour rendering index and 5,400 K. Future-proof with 65,000 hours lifespan. The spot diaphragm focuses light on the exact treatment site to aid the assistant and eliminate unnecessary lighting.

Flexion Basic: LED 100,000 Lux lighting WITHOUT spot diaphragm
Flexion Advanced / Advanced SensorUnit / Twin lite Blue / Twin Blue: LED 100,000 Lux lighting WITH spot diaphragm
Twin lite White / Twin White: LED 200,000 Lux lighting WITH spot diaphragm
cj optik variofocus


Choose from either the VarioFocus2 with 200-350mm range or the VarioFocus3 with 210-470mm working distance. Index matching coating and plan-apochromatic correct optics offer the highest light transmission and low reflection rates for optimal viewing and documentation. Removable protection cover lens with Hydrophobic Coasting (HPC).

Flexion Basic: VarioFocus3 is an option
Flexion Basic & Advanced: HPC is an option
cj optik details

Eyepiece Design

CJ-Optik microscopes offer individual eyecup diopter adjustment, large eye relief and exit pupil. An optional IPD adjustment knob allows for more precise adjustments with one hand.

  • Individual eyecup adjustment
  • Large eye relief with bigger exit pupil
  • IPD adjust knob optionally available

ERGONOMICS – For Stress-Free Treatments

cj optik flexible


The dentist and microscope must work as a unit that easily adapts to the patient with flexibility. The dentist must retain and upright, ergonomic and relaxed treatment posture to prevent long-term neck and back injuries.
cj optik monoglobe


The masterly designed MonoGlobe is the weightless movement balancing system. The coupling system allows fluid and smooth repositioning at all angles without having to loosen and retighten knobs.
cj optik buttons

Quality at the touch of a Button

Ergonomically placed control knobs and handles ensure that all functions are easily and quickly accessible for all procedural changes.
cj optik cables

Cable Management

HDMI exit, USB exit*, camera AC/DC power* and 24-v monitor power supply are all integrated within the arm for tidy cable management. USB, HDMI, medical monitor power are integrated for improved workflow. There are no fragile fibre-optic cable that can break or get tangled.

*Not available for the Flexion Basic


Document in 4k, HD or a smartphone. Focal lengths and optics have been uniquely designed for an ideal match to today’s latest digital cameras.

cj optik documentation
image 4K
image 4K
image 4K
image 4K
image 4K

4K Images taken with a 4K digital camera
cj optik 4k port


For Sony, Nikon & Canon FullFrame cameras
cj optik hd port


For Sony, Nikon & Canon APS-C cameras
cj optik phone port


Adapter compatible with all smartphones

cj optik sensorunit


Controls photo or video recordings easily with a hand gesture for Sony cameras (4K FullFrame & HD APS-C)

Not available with Flexion Basic & Advanced
cj optik connectivity

Full Connectivity

Swivel arm with HDMI, 24V, USB*, direct power supply for the camera* from the microscope

*Not available with Flexion Basic
cj optik monitor

4K & HD Monitors

Adapter compatible with most 4K / HD monitors and iPads
cj optik

Made in Germany

CJ-Optik production is located in Asslar in the immediate vicinity of the “City of Optics” Wetzlar. Production is according to CE and ISO 9001:2015 ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Advanced Microscopy

CJ-Optik has quickly become one the leading companies in the field of dental microscopy. With important distributors in 75 countries around the world, CJ-Optik offers a range of efficient solutions in the interests of dentists and patients.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to success, with an objective to do everything to maintain customer confidence.

This is accomplished through a goal of always producing top-quality products. Through many years of experience, innovation and technical progress, the trained design and production team are focused on listening to client concerns.

The growing family of CJ-Optik users around the world has led to continual innovation and a family of products that precisely meet the needs of the growing number of dental professionals that choose CJ-Optik to produce the highest levels of dentistry available today.
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