Performance-proven for your practice

  • The CADI® Optimum digital x-ray sensors are performance-proven for diagnostics, reliability and post-sales support.

  • Two sensor sizes are available in compact sizes with high active areas.

Sensor Active Area


Adult Universal
900 mm2
Brand D 780 mm2
Brand V 793 mm2
Brand G 850 mm2


cadi optimum sensors

cadi optimum x-rays

Superior diagnostics within CADI®

Exclusive 16-bit grayscale Windowing feature eliminates parts of the image that don’t contribute to diagnostics

cadi windowing filter
cadi xrays

Superior diagnostics within CADI®

Powerful filtering logarithms with presets and user-defined views

Use pre-set or customizable x-ray real-time filters to visualize the most diagnostic images possible. The raw image data is always available, so you can unclick a filter at any time. Click on the “Filter” window and simultaneously zoom to view 6 different filtered images.
cadi filters

Robust build quality and specifications

  • Designed and built in the same world-leading high-tech production facility that produces leading satellite and space telescope imagery
  • High signal-to-noise ratio increases image clarity
  • Optimal line pairs for more diagnostic ability
  • Cesium iodide scintillation preserves an exceptionally fine spatial resolution that is present in the x-ray pattern

Signal-to-noise ratio (Higher is better)


55.0 db
Brand V 37.0 db
Brand X 29.9 db

Replace the cable, not the sensor

The dental office environment can be demanding and the most likely sensor failure is the cable. CADI® Optimum sensors are designed so that the cable can be replaced at the factory, for a fraction of the cost of a new sensor. Synca support includes same-day shipment of a free loaner sensor (as part of CADI® Peace-of-mind program).
cadi optimum sensors
14 days free trial

Extended service and support

  • 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Free Telephone diagnostic support for installation troubleshooting (from within Canada)




Exterior dimensions: 42.8mm x 30.4mm 37mm x 24mm
Active area: 900 mm2 600 mm2
Thickness: 5.4 mm 5.4 mm
Thickness with cable: 11.4 mm 11.4 mm
IP67 certified: Yes Yes
Hermitically sealed: Yes Yes

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