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Reviews on Brilliance 20

“Not only was the experience with Hugo Matasol as a rep very positive, but my patients experiences with this whitening system has been very positive as well! I like the simplicity of the system for my staff and the efficiency of providing whitening in my offices. Also due to the pricing of this new generation of whitening systems we can offer it at an affordable price, which gets accepted more easily. My staff now has made it part of the new patient and recall patient protocol to take a shade recording in the patient chart and discuss the satisfaction level of the color of the patients teeth. Thank you Hugo for this great product from Synca.”

Safi Magharius, DDS, Calgary, AB
“I just want to let you know that we have tested the new Brilliance 20 kits form Synca. Patients really appreciated the results on both cases that we di. The procedure lasted on 20 minutes and produced excellent results, without sensitivity, and at a 50% savings over what we were paying for our whitening kits. Synca, once again, has come up with a high-quality product and a very competitive price.”

Dr. Linda Belanger, St-Damase, QC
"I was very impressed with the level of product knowledge and professional expertise brought forth by Synca’s representative. Not only was I able to ask important questions, but I was also able to receive great advice on the various ways my dental team could start implementing and discussing whitening with patients. In addition, Synca’s rep was helpful in advising my team ways to utilize the demand for whitening products to improve appointment retention and improving our hygiene program. My office now offers a complete whitening program with take home kits, in-office treatments as well as continual maintenance programs in place."

Dr. Roman Galkin, Burlington, ON

"When I had heard of a new generation system that had no post-treatment sensitivity issues and was easier to administer, it almost sounded too good to be true! Only 20 minutes treatment time, no sensitivity, kits only cost $30. Synca not only provides a great whitening system that makes sense for our office, but they provide the training and support you need to integrate it into your practice properly! Thank you, Synca!"

Lianne Trapani, RDH, Toronto, ON

Heather Jackson Rdh, London, ON

Balbir Sohi, B.Sc. Hons. RDH, Brampton, ON

Whitening solutions from Synca

Professional whitening techniques available to dentists and to the public are changing. We can work with you to design and offer the whitening program that best meets the needs of your practice. Whitening is often the starting point of more comprehensive treatment plans, and is the single most requested esthetic treatment. Depending upon your preferences, staff and operatory availability, we can help you offer more successful, highly competitive solutions for in-office, at-home or combination treatment options.
brilliance 20 20 min. in-office whitening system
brilliance xpress Professional light activated take-home whitening system
brilliance Professional take-home whitening system
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