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ENA HRi Bio Function esthetic kit – in syringe

This kit includes all the materials used during training in the Vanini stratification technique and will allow clinicians to complete all esthetic restorations.


  • 5 – Achromatic enamel shades (5g syringe ea.): UE1, UE2, UE3, BF2, BF3
  • 5 – Fluorescent dentin shades (5g syringe ea.): BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5
  • 1 – ENA HRi® Flow BisGMA-free (2g syringe): UD2
  • 4 – Characterization shades (5g syringe ea.): IM (Intensive Milky), IWS (Intensive White Spot), OA (Opalescence Amber), OBN, (Opalescence Blue)
  • 1 – ENA HRi® Stain (2g syringe): Brown2 Dark
  • 1 – ENA Shiny polishing kit
  • 1 – Plexiglass 26-syringe holder