Appointment with a representative

Turnkey solution

Our team of representatives, specialists in implantology products, will meet you at your office to present our various high-quality products that offer optimal results, providing your clients with the best solution for their dental issues. 

Our specialists conduct an assessment of your needs and working techniques to recommend the right product, work techniques, and accessories to optimize your practice.

rdv microscope representant
rdv microscope consultation

Consultation and adjustment

To provide you with the best tools

Synca is certified and trained to provide quality consultation services. Our representatives are dedicated to their specialty and receive ongoing training from our various suppliers.
This way, they can offer you the product range tailored to your needs, as well as provide the support and training you need to implement the latest and best implantology techniques.

An analyzed work process

For optimal efficiency


Needs analysis

Analysis of the required operation time and other types of interventions performed on various types of patient pathologies.
techniques actuelles

Evaluation of current techniques

Evaluation of your current implantology methods, products, tools, and accessories used, in order to suggest improvement solutions.


Continuous follow-up after the introduction of new implant products, techniques, and accessories for learning and optimizing their usage.

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