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edu haut
edu bti 2024
(Cours en anglais)
40 CE Hours
June 3-7, 2024 //
9AM – 7PM //
A Biological Approach to Implantology
Dr. Eduardo Anitua – MD · DDS · PHD

The educational objective of the course is to offer the attendees an innovative working method and predictable protocols which are the result of advanced scientific research and extensive clinical experience. The seminars are based on a complete and multidisciplinary approach starting from the treatment planning phase to bone regeneration techniques. They also focus on necessary protocols for the treatment of complex rehabilitations through live surgeries in closed circuit, practical workshops and specialized conferences coordinated by Dr. E. Anitua and his team of experts.

edu bti oda 2024
(Cours en anglais)
4 CE credits
April 20, 2024 //
12:30PM – 3:00PM //
A Biological Approach to Implantology (Workshop)
Dr. Eduardo Anitua – MD · DDS · PHD

The course S-01FL is a prerequisite

Adopting a biological approach to oral implantology has revolutionized the field of implant dentistry. By employing principles rooted in biology, dentists can achieve optimal outcomes in terms of implant stability, esthetics, long-term functionality and peri-implant health. Through this hands-on workshop, participants will gain knowledge about: hard- and soft-tissue preservation using PRGF customized dry drilling sequence, the importance of bioactive implant surface using short- and extra-short implants to avoid invasive surgeries with long-term success and utilizing bio-blocks to reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.

edu bti oda 2024
(Cours en anglais)
3 CE credits
April 20, 2024 //
8:30AM – 11:00AM //
Single-to-Full-Arch Rehabilitation (Lecture)
Dr. Eduardo Anitua – MD · DDS · PHD

Course Code: S-01FL

The concept of less is more is an innovative approach that focuses on using minimally invasive biological techniques with immediate loading for single- to full-arch rehabilitation. Explore predictable, versatile and reversible techniques that integrate cutting-edge advancements in oral implantology, prioritizing the conservation of natural tissue and fostering accele-rated recovery through the utilization of the Power of Plasma and Stay-in Transepithelial Abutments.

edu bti toronto2
(Cours en anglais)
70 CE credits
Feb. 9, 10, 11, 2024 //
Smart Track your Success with Implants in 7 days
Dr’s. Sally Issa & Romeo Paculanan

Start placing implants now and get up to date with the BIO-LOGICAL AND BIO-MECHANICAL IMPLANTOLOGY treatment strategies.

Module 1 (3 days) Lecture & Hands-on:
Overview of implant dentistry, hard & soft tissue mana-gement, case selection, treatment planning, PRGF, Phlebotomy and surgical protocols with hands-on exercise.

Module 2 (2 days) Case Presentation & Live Surgery:
Treatment planning, case presentation & live implant placement on your own patient under supervision.

Module 3 (2 days) Prosthetics & Restoration:
Prosthodontic protocols, Restorative techniques, Digital flow, material selection, cement vs screw retention, live patient restoration.

edu magne live
(Cours en anglais)
21 CE credits (each)
5 courses, 5 different topics //
3 days (each) //
Beverly Hills, CA
Magne 2024 Continuum (in-person education)
Dr. Pascal Magne – DMD

A product of Dr. Pascal Magne, the Continuum provides dental professionals with the necessary knowledge to progress into the biomimetic approach in all restoration aspects. A series of five courses will cover a range of topics aiding the process from the initial diagnosis to the final restoration.

All courses will be offered in the heart of Beverly Hills at Beverly Hills Dental Labs.

edu magne online
(Cours en anglais)
1.5 CE credits (each)
9 courses, 9 different topics //
1.5 h (each) //
Magne 2024 PRESSroom (online education)
Dr. Pascal Magne – DMD

Magne PRESSroom is a series of monthly interactive online lectures by Dr. Pascal Magne covering a variety of topics pertaining to essential techniques in biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Pascal Magne strives to encourage dental professionals from all around the world to share articles, studies, and any findings during these sessions to promote a familial approach, enhancing the biomimetic movement.

All CER BRD Package Members will be able to access recorded sessions.

education cst1
(Cours en anglais)
15 CE Hours
Learn on your own schedule //
On-line Course //
The Ultimate All on X Program
Dr. Saj Jivraj – Digital Dental Institute

This course will focus on the restoration of the full arch edentulous patient. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to introduce one of the most life changing dental therapies that millions of patients are considering today. Learn proven implant protocol strategies to perform safe and predictable full arch implant prosthetics from Best Selling Author and master clinician Dr. Saj Jivraj.

dr vassnia course
(Cours en anglais)
25 CE Hours
Learn on your own schedule //
On-line Course //
Biomorphology in Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Vassnia Nizama – DDS, Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation

The main goal in oral rehabilitation is precisely to restore and maintain the function of the masticatory system which is fundamental for nutrition. Hence, the importance of morphology in our field of work. A proper dental morphology is a determining factor for proper function (improvement of masticatory efficiency), satisfactory occlusion, biodynamic and aesthetics as a consequence. Aesthetic is a critical factor for anterior restorations where anatomy and morphology play the major role to achieve a successful esthetic result. It is also an effective tool to achieve satisfactory photographic records, presentations of clinical cases and patient acceptance of dental treatments proposed by mock up or wax up.

At the end of the course, each participant will have the ability to recognize, perceive and reconstruct all the biomorphologic structures of the anterior/posterior teeth efficient and correctly, through drawings based on the photographic record of real teeth, which has been shown to greatly improve perception of 3D forms. Students will be aware of occlusal, functional, and adhesive dentistry concepts related to improved morphology (i.e. layering technique), including clinical tips, tools and useful techniques to improve our clinical practice.