Continuing education

Promote your development

In the healthcare field, continuing education is of paramount importance and even mandatory according to certain medical professional orders. In order to keep up-to-date with knowledge of new products and innovative techniques, we offer a large number of conferences and seminars. This allows you to enhance your workflow procedures in your dental clinic and provide your patients with the best treatments.

edu haut
edu magne live
21 CE credits (each)
5 courses, 5 different topics //
3 days (each) //
Beverly Hills, CA
Magne 2024 Continuum (in-person education)
Dr. Pascal Magne – DMD

A product of Dr. Pascal Magne, the Continuum provides dental professionals with the necessary knowledge to progress into the biomimetic approach in all restoration aspects. A series of five courses will cover a range of topics aiding the process from the initial diagnosis to the final restoration.

All courses will be offered in the heart of Beverly Hills at Beverly Hills Dental Labs.

edu magne online
1.5 CE credits (each)
9 courses, 9 different topics //
1.5 h (each) //
Magne 2024 PRESSroom (online education)
Dr. Pascal Magne – DMD

Magne PRESSroom is a series of monthly interactive online lectures by Dr. Pascal Magne covering a variety of topics pertaining to essential techniques in biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Pascal Magne strives to encourage dental professionals from all around the world to share articles, studies, and any findings during these sessions to promote a familial approach, enhancing the biomimetic movement.

All CER BRD Package Members will be able to access recorded sessions.