Single Bottle SELF-ETCH Adhesive

  • One step etch, prime and bond
  • Solvent-free and designed for wet tooth conditions

With over 10 years of clinical success, Synca now offers STiK!® SE 1 in Canada. For use with any direct composite material, STiK!® SE 1 offers a fast, easy application, protection against sensitivity, with strong bonds to dentin and enamel. It is value priced with special incentives available year-round.


  • Effective marginal sealing – no microleakage
  • Elimination of postoperative sensitivity
  • High bond strengths to dentine, enamel, non-precious metals and zirconia
  • Improved workflow with faster treatment times
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Low direct-to-you prices all year long!
self-etch bonding

Comparative Bond Strengths

Comparative products Comparative bond strengths to DENTINE (MPa) Comparative bond strengths to ENAMEL (MPa)
STiK® SE 1 (Synca) 23 20
Adhese (Vivadent) 25 18
G Bond (GC) 14 16
iBond (Hareus Kulzer) 12 18
Scotchbond Universal (3M) 26 14
biolight stik dc Self-etching dual cure adhesive
stik se 1 Single bottle self-etch adhesive
ena bond Can be Use as a 5th or 4th gen. bonding
bond-1 5th generation single bottle bonding