Double taper post system

While many fiber posts simply mimic the shapes of popular metal posts, Biolight DUAL is designed to fully benefit from fiber technology. The larger coronal tapers dramatically improve adaptation throughout the length of the canal. The overall shape offers a superior adaptation to the canal, minimizes the removal of dentin, and keeps the resin cement layer (the weakest link) to an absolute minimum.
Multi-post system

Biolight® Drill-Free creates a new concept in post-endodontic crown restorations, using well-established principals from construction engineering. Instead of placing a large, traditional post in the center of the canal, multiple smaller and flexible post strands are spread throughout the canal space. The result is a core that is significantly more resistant to deformation before fracture than a no-post or central post restoration, a post that is ideal for all shapes of canals, and an elimination of all the decision and risks associated with drilling a post space.
Double taper post system

DT POST® are manufactured from advanced glass fibers in an Epoxy-free matrix and are the state-of-the-art solution for post and core. The modulus of elasticity closely resembles that of natural dentin, thus preventing the transmission of occlusal forces to the root. They combine the most anatomically adapted shapes with the most sophisticated material for excellent clinical results.
Single taper post system

The coronal portion of Biolight ST is parallel, while the apical portion is a taper design. This permits the clinician to choose a larger coronal diameter for increased strength, while the conservative taper portion minimizes the amount of dentin reduction.