els bulkfill flow

els bulkfill flow syringe is a light-curing radiopaque composite for lining, class I and II restorations. The self-leveling formula is fast and easy to apply in an increment thickness of 4mm. Restorations can then be completed with an occlusal layer of highly filled and wear-resistant els.

els bulkfill flow is an optimal solution offering the speed of a bulk fill, the quality of a low contraction stress material that is highly biocompatible.

  • 4mm bulk fill technique
  • Self-levelling formula for easy insertion and adaptation into cavity preparations
  • Extremely low contraction stress compared to popular bulk fill materials
  • Hema- and TEGDMA-free biocompatible formula


At least one of, and sometimes both, HEMA (a monomer) and TEGDMA (a co-monomer) is added to virtually all composites and dental adhesives on the market: HEMA to improve cross-linking and TEGDMA as a dilutent to improve handling. It has been shown that HEMA and TEGDMA are released from composites after curing and studies have shown that TEGDMA and HEMA are damaging to human cells at even sub-toxic levels. (1, 2)

els bulkfill flow is free of HEMA and TEGDMA, and as a result there are no compounds available to be released into the tissues.

(1) Paranjpe, A., Borbador, L.C.F., Wang, M., Hume, W.R., and Jewett, A. Resin Monomer 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) is a Potent Inducer of Apoptic Cell Death in Human and Mouse Cells. J Dent Res 84(2):172-177, 2005

(2) Schweikl, H., Spagnuolo, G., and Schmalz, G. Genetic and Cellular Toxicology of Dental Resin Monomers. J Dent Res 85(10): 870-877, 2006

els bulkfill flow Physical Advantages

No other flowable composites on the market have the exceptional combination of low contraction stress and low volumetric shrinkage shown by els bulkfill flow and els flow.

Contraction stress after 30 minutes (MPa)

els bulkfill flow and els flow have the lowest contraction stress of any material available.

els bulkfill flow low contraction stress

(Values by ACTA, Amsterdam, 2014-2015)

Volumetric shrinkage (vol. %)

els bulkfill flow and els flow are the best in their class when it comes to volumetric shrinkage.

els bulkfill flow low shrinkage

(Values by ACTA, Amsterdam, 2014-2015)

Regression plot: shrinkage stress, volumetric shrinkage after 30 minutes

The regression plot shown here shows that els has significantly better performance when both factors are taken into consideration.

Using els and els bulkfill flow or els flow will increase the chances of success in direct placement restorations, especially in those with a high C-Factor.

(Values by ACTA, Amsterdam, 2014-2015)

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