Like NATURE does it!

The most significant development in composite esthetics in the last 10 years! The key to ENA HRi esthetics is an exclusive patented enamel composite material. ENA HRi Universal Enamel is the first and only composite material to possess the same refractive index as natural enamel. This development creates invisible margins without the need to compensate by increasing bevels and increasing the thickness of dentin composite.
ENA HRi Flow
“No Bubbles” Formulation

Standard flowable composite formulations incorporate fine air bubbles into the material. When photo-polymerized these air spaces result in uncured composite internally, leading to internal structural weaknesses and the development of micro-fractures. The ENA HRi Flow formulation eliminates air bubbles, resulting in superior physical properties.
Artiste™ Nano
Nano composite
atiste nano
Artiste Nano Composite is a highly esthetic, visible light cured, radiopaque, nano-engineered restorative material specially formulated to adapt to all anterior and posterior cavity forms.
Nano-hybrid composite
Simile™ nano-hybrid composite offers the esthetics of a microfill, for use in the anterior, and the strength of a hybrid, for use in the posterior region. It is available in the most popular, easy-to-match shades.
Condensable composite
Alert® (Amalgam-Like Esthetic Restorative Treatment) from Pentron® is a revolutionary condensable composite, developed as an esthetic alternative to amalgam and traditional hybrid composites.
Self-etch flowable composite
A self-adhering flowable composite, Fusio™ Liquid Dentin combines the benefits of adhesive and restorative technology into one product bringing restorative techniques to new unprecedented heights.
FLow-It!® ALC
Flowable composite
Flow-It!® ALC, a direct light cured composite restorative material, represents a different approach to restoring teeth. Flow-It!® ALC combines maximum esthetics with the need for a material that will “flex” with the tooth.