Dual-Cure cement offers versatility and high bond strength!

Cement-It Universal C&B Material is a dual-cure resin cement designed for cementation of metal restorations, ceramic or indirect composite crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, and posts. This system provides high strength bonding, ease of use, and reduced sensitivity. This comprehensive kit includes every component required for various cementation procedures and is conveniently arranged in the order the contents are used.

Product benefits

  • An ideal luting cement for all metal and non-metal surfaces, i.e. gold, palladium, porcelain, composite, dentin, enamel, etc.
  • Greater convenience with 2 - 4ml automix syringes
  • An ideal cementation system for aluminum oxide and zirconium cores
  • Dual-cure for greater versatility
  • Radiopaque
  • Contains fluoride
  • Low film thickness of approx. 25 microns to allow complete seating of restorations
  • Available for a fraction of the cost of competitive systems

cement-it universal c&b

Bond strengths to various dental materials:

Al2O3 Ceramic Core: 28.0 MPa
ZrO Ceramic Core: 22.0 MPa
Non-precious metal (with Bond-1® C&B): 26.0 MPa
Bond strength to gold (with Bond-1® C&B): 22.0 MPa
Bond strength to semi-precious metal
(with Bond-1® C&B):
21.0 MPa
Bond strength to dentin (with Bond-1® C&B): 24.1 MPa
Bond strength to enamel (with Bond-1® C&B): 25.0 MPa
Bond strength to silanated porcelain: 30.0 MPa
Bond strength to lab processed Sculpture®
Composite (with Bond-1® C&B):
32.0 MPa

Cement-It! Universal C&B accessories

  • Mixing Tips - Brown Automix (100 pk)
  • 1 - 3ml bottle of Silane

Physical Properties:

Filler percentage by weight: 66.5%
Filler percentage by volume: 52%
Filler particle size: (avg.) 1 µm
Filler particle range: 0.01 - 5 µm
Film thickness: ± 25 µm
Diametral tensile strength: 53 MPa
Flexural strength: 104 MPa
Modulus of elasticity in compression: 4.5 GPa
Compressive strength: 235 MPa
Water sorption (µg/mm3/wk): 15
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion: 34 ppm
Color stability (ADA spec.27): pass
X-ray opacity (ADA spec.27): pass

NOTE: Cement-It!® Universal C&B is a dual-cure resin cement and, as such, is not ideal for veneers. Mojo® is a multi-shade resin cementation system that includes try-in pastes and can be used as either a light-cure (for veneers) or a dual-cure cement.

Cement-It!® Universal C&B FAQ:

Q. Is Cement-It Universal C&B Cement dual cure?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the set time of Cement-It Universal C&B Cement?

A. Cement-It Universal C&B Cement has a working time of 1.5 minutes from the start of mix and a setting time of about 3.5-4 minutes. If you light cure: 40 sec.

Q. What bonding agent should I use with Cement-It Universal C&B?

A. We highly recommend using Bond-1® Adhesive.

Q. What is the difference between Cement-It Universal C&B Cement and Mojo® Luting Cement?

A. Cement-It Universal C&B Cement is recommended for those cases where the shade of the cement is not a significant consideration in the esthetics of the case. When cement shade can affect final esthetics, such as for veneers, Mojo® luting cement should be used.
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