Universal Platform


  • ONE software to learn and use
  • Use ONE imaging software for all your sensors - switch sensor brands and keep your images and software
  • ONE software to manage intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic x-rays, digital cameras and more

Powerfully Simple


  • Intuitive user interface makes CADI® easy to learn and use
  • Powerful presentation features for co-diagnosis interactions with patients
  • Easily acquire, store, access, present and print all your images and x-rays


“125,000 satisfied users around the world - and growing!”

Experience a new level of performance with the CADI® x-ray and image management system.

Easy to learn and use

CADI® is designed first and foremost to balance powerful imaging software with ease-of-use. It fits easily into your workflows to become an indispensable member of your team.

Automated Processes

Every process is thought out to be a seamless interaction with how you acquire x-rays and images in your office. Acquire multiple images, tag them, save and optimize quickly and effectively.

No Duplication and Relearning

Adopt a single software to manage all brands of 2D x-ray equipment, intra-oral cameras and digital camera images. Reduce learning curves for you and your staff, and quickly exploit the patient communication potential of CADI®.

Smooth Installation

Synca will ensure a smooth installation, configuration and integration of your equipment. CADI® integrates with virtually all practice management software. If desired, Synca can transfer your existing image database into CADI®.
cadi automated process

cadi automated process

CADI® Peace of Mind (POM) program:

The world’s finest digital x-ray and imaging software is now available to you for one low monthly subscription and support fee.

There is no up-front license to purchase - there are no hidden fees.

The comprehensive program includes all the licenses, services and support outlined in this link:
cadi software
cadi optimum Digital x-ray sensors
cadi optiview 2 Premium intra-oral camera
cadi optiview uno Intra-oral camera
cadi Digital x-ray and imaging software