20 minute In-office Effective and Affordable Whitening System

New Whitening concept to grow your practice

While patients appreciate an in-office quick solution to dental whitening, previous products have been quite expensive to acquire, and due to the time to set up, prepare and offer treatment, the overall patient cost has alienated many patients from seeking whitening in the dental office.

Brilliance 20 changes this with:

  • Dual power Blue-Red whitening accelerator light optimizes the whitening process and rejuvenates cells to protect gums
  • High efficiency - Extra-strength gel consists of 36% carbamide peroxide and 9% hydrogen peroxide
  • Brilliance 20 contains potassium nitrate as a desensitizer and xylitol to keep teeth hydrated for elimination of patient sensitivities
  • Faster set-up with preloaded trays – no custom trays to make and trim – no models to pour
  • Fast 20 minute treatment time
  • Economically-priced kits and fast treatment times for reduced patient fees

“72% of dentists reports that WHITENING has been the most profitable technological development in cosmetic dentistry in their practice.”

August 2013 - DPR Cosmetics Survey

“In-office whitening with Brilliance 20 satisfies my patient’s desires for an instant solution and our pricing makes more patients say YES.”

You can now offer state-to-the-art whitening for the cost of typical professional home bleaching!

brilliance 20 whitening lamp

With an active Brilliance 20 marketing program, expect to significantly increase patient acceptance

Brilliance 20 large size marketing posters (26” x 38”) and patient brochures are FREE with your initial order.

Additional patient brochures are always FREE with your orders. Additional large size (26” x 38”) posters are always available at a low cost to you.
brilliance 20 marketing material

Get started with Brilliance 20 now!

Get your Brilliance 20 Light for FREE! (value: $1295)

Get your Brilliance 20 light for FREE with purchase of only 5 kits per month for 1 year. (split into 4 deliveries – payment with 1st shipment)

Start Up Package:

Get a Brilliance 20 light + 20 whitening kits + 7 tray only kits + marketing materials – at a special price of only $2295.

Annual Purchases:

Buy multiple kits and get up to 33% in FREE kits.

Marketing Materials:

Patient brochures are always FREE with your orders.
Large size (26” x 38”) posters are always available at a low cost to you.
brilliance 20 procedure 1

brilliance 20 procedure 2

brilliance 20 procedure 3

Whitening solutions from Synca

Professional whitening techniques available to dentists and to the public are changing. We can work with you to design and offer the whitening program that best meets the needs of your practice. Whitening is often the starting point of more comprehensive treatment plans, and is the single most requested esthetic treatment. Depending upon your preferences, staff and operatory availability, we can help you offer more successful, highly competitive solutions for in-office, at-home or combination treatment options.
brilliance 20 20 min. in-office whitening system
brilliance xpress Professional light activated take-home whitening system
brilliance Professional take-home whitening system
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