Self-etching Dual Cure Adhesive

Synca Biolight® STiK! DC is ideal for any dental applications that can benefit from a dual cure system, such as bonding of fiber posts in a canal, where intense light is not available. It is a perfect partner for Biolight® CORE DC, offering practitioners an easy and reliable system for state-of-the-art post and core buildup. Biolight® STiK! DC is a self-etch system that offers one step etch, prime and bond, featuring nano-filler technology. The unique double membrane single-use distribution system ensures a fresh mix with every application, without the possible loss of solvent.

Physical properties:

Bond strength with SC composite to bovine dentine: 22.1 MPa
Bond strength with SC composite to bovine enamel: 20.0 MPa

  • Bonding system for post cementation, core buildup, inlays, onlays and bridges

  • High bond strength to enamel, dentine and non-previous metals

  • Works under wet and dry conditions

  • Stores at room temperature

biolight stik dc

Perfect Companion to:

Biolight® DRILL-FREE

Advanced Fiber Endodontic Multi-Post System

biolight drill-free

Biolight® CORE DC

Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-up and Post Cement

biolight core dc
biolight stik dc Self-etching dual cure adhesive
stik se 1 Single bottle self-etch adhesive
ena bond Can be Use as a 5th or 4th gen. bonding
bond-1 5th generation single bottle bonding