Advanced Fiber Endodontic Multi-Post System

Biolight® DRILL-FREE creates a new concept in post-endodontic crown restorations, using well-established principals from construction engineering. Instead of placing a large, traditional post in the center of the canal, multiple smaller and flexible post strands are spread throughout the canal space. The result is a core that is significantly more resistant to deformation before fracture than a no-post or central post restoration, a post that is ideal for all shapes of canals, and an elimination of all the decision and risks associated with drilling a post space.

Multi-posts, evenly distributed in the entire structure of a post and core build-up, provide better fracture resistance and a stronger foundation for a classical crown or overlay.

Peripheral reinforcement - 71% more resistant to deformation before fracture*

  • Peripheral reinforcement with the Biolight® DRILL-FREE multi-post system offers a superior resistance to mechanical stresses, when compared to a central post.

  • Traditional engineering reinforcement concepts have long-established a reliance on peripheral over central reinforcement.

*Based on internal comparative engineering data.

Retain 100% of remaining healthy tooth structure

  • Biolight® DRILL-FREE adapts to all shaped canals, while conserving all remaining healthy tooth structure.

  • There is no need to drill out portions of canals to accommodate post spaces.

  • Easily place multi-posts in multiple canals as the post bends with the natural canal shape.

biolight drill-free endo-crown
biolight drill-free clinical

biolight drill-free clinical

Eliminate drilling and all risks associated with intra-canal drilling

  • With Biolight® DRILL-FREE, the drilling step is completely eliminated. There is no need to compromise with post selection between smaller posts and less-drilling, or larger post with more drilling.

  • Drilling always increases risk of perforations.

Secure bonded restorations while maintaining a conservative approach

  • Provide additional support for all adhesive-based restorations with any risk of tooth fracture.

  • Ideal for single visit crowns: create a solid multi-post and composite core and then scan and mill crown.

  • A modern, conservative solution for adhesive dentistry restorations.

Comparative deformation at 30º flex before fracture (mm)


• Without post
• With Biolight® ST - 1.5mm master post
• With Biolight® DRILL-FREE - 12 strand multi-post

A better option for same-day crowns

Biolight® DRILL-FREE post and core crowns offer optimal physical properties for dental practices that are offering their patients same-day crown services.

In conjunction with a hard non-viscoelastic crown restorative material, endo crowns will immediately and directly transmit high stress loads, which will lead to fatigue fractures.

Conventional crowns showed a 5-year survival rate of 94% vs. 77.7% for endocrowns.*

*Survival and success of endocrowns: A systematic review and meta-analysis; Raghad A Al-Dabbagh; 10.1016/j.prosdent.2020.01.011
drillfree crown

Saratti CM, et al. Fractography of clinical failures of indirect resin composite endocrown and overlay restorations. Dent Mater (2021),

Increase the fracture toughness of your restorations by 36% to 236%

Current composite and ceramic materials are brittle. They do not lack strength, but they require toughness.

One of the main drawbacks of brittle materials when employed to replace the lost dentin is the substantially lower fracture toughness of these materials in comparison with that of the dentin. The role of multi- posts evenly distributed in the entire structure of a post and core build up is based on the mechanism of a crack-stopper.

Fibers composite investigation has earlier been informed to display high flexural strength and fracture toughness with fracture toughness values around 2.6 MPa. Existing data with regard to fracture toughness values of various direct/indirect restorative materials like composite and ceramic are in range of 1.1 to 1.9 MPa.

Bonilla ED, Mardirossian G, Caputo AA (2000) Fracture toughness of various core build up-materials. J Prosthodont 9:14–18.

Quinn JB, Quinn GD, Sundar V (2010) Fracture toughness of veneering ceramics for fused to metal (PFM) and zirconia dental restorative materials. J Res Natl Inst Stand Technol l15:343–352

Fracture toughness of composite/ceramic vs. Fiber reinforcement (MPa)

fiber reinforcement

Composite/Ceramic: 1.1 – 1.9 MPa
Fiber reinforced restoration: 2.6 MPa

4 different sizes available


Contain 4 strands


Contain 6 strands


Contain 9 strands


Contain 12 strands
biolight drill-free sizes

Template for x-rays

  • A template is provided with the Biolight® DRILL-FREE training kit to help the clinician select the correct size of multi-post to reinforce the coronal portion of the canal.

  • The same template will then determine the number of strands that must be pushed to the apical stop.
biolight drill-free template
biolight drill-free template
biolight drill-free template
biolight drill-free clinical
biolight drill-free clinical
biolight drill-free clinical
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